List of fluid flows named after people

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This is a list of fluid flows named after people (eponymous flows).

Flow Description Person(s) Named After
Beltrami flow[1] A flow in which velocity and vorticity are parallel to each other Eugenio Beltrami
Blasius flow Boundary layer flows along a flat plate Heinrich Blasius
Couette flow Laminar flow between two parallel flat plates Maurice Couette
Falkner–Skan flow Boundary layer flows with pressure gradient V. M. Falkner and S. W. Skan
Fanno flow Adiabatic compressible flow with friction Gino Girolamo Fanno
Hagen–Poiseuille flow Laminar flow through pipes Gotthilf Hagen and Jean Léonard Marie Poiseuille
Hele–Shaw flow Viscous flow about a thin object filling a narrow gap between two parallel plates Henry Selby Hele-Shaw
Hiemenz flow Plane stagnation-point flow – exact solution of Navier-Stokes equation K. Hiemenz
Hudson River Gravity-driven meridional translational flow Henry Hudson
Jeffery–Hamel flow Viscous flow in a wedge shaped passage George Barker Jeffery and Georg Hamel
Marangoni flow Flow induced by gradients in the surface tension Carlo Marangoni
Oseen flow Low Reynolds number flows around sphere Carl Wilhelm Oseen
Plane Poiseuille flow Laminar flow between two fixed parallel flat plates Jean Léonard Marie Poiseuille
Prandtl–Meyer flow Compressible isentropic flow along a deflected wall Ludwig Prandtl and Theodor Meyer
Rayleigh flow Inviscid compressible flow with heat transfer Lord Rayleigh
Sampson flow Flow through a circular orifice in a plane wall R. A. Sampson
Stefan flow Movement of a chemical species by a flowing fluid Joseph Stefan
Stokes flow Creeping flows – very slow motion of the fluid George Gabriel Stokes
Taylor–Couette flow Flow in annular space between two rotating cylinders Sir G. I. Taylor and Maurice Couette

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