List of members of the European Parliament for Sweden, 2009–14

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Members of the
European Parliament

for Sweden
Delegation (1995)
4th term (1995)
5th term (1999)
6th term (2004)
7th term (2009)
8th term (2014)

This is a list of the 18 members of the European Parliament for Sweden in the 2009 to 2014 session. One person from Pirate Party and one from Social Democratic Party entered the Parliament in December 2011, bringing the number of MEPs to 20.


Name National party EP Group Votes
Amelia Andersdotter [1]      Pirate Party      G–EFA 22,303
Anna Maria Corazza      Moderate Party      EPP 85,405
Lena Ek [2]      Centre Party      ALDE 57,836
Christian Engström      Pirate Party      G–EFA 43,808
Christofer Fjellner      Moderate Party      EPP 40,142
Göran Färm      Social Democratic Party      S&D 20,078
Anna Hedh      Social Democratic Party      S&D 20,716
Gunnar Hökmark      Moderate Party      EPP 90,505
Amna Ibrišagić      Moderate Party      EPP 23,598
Olle Ludvigsson      Social Democratic Party      S&D 53,182
Isabella Lövin      Green Party      G–EFA 48,061
Jens Nilsson [3]      Social Democratic Party      S&D 17,156
Marit Paulsen      Liberal People's Party      ALDE 221,489
Carl Schlyter      Green Party      G–EFA 89,347
Olle Schmidt      Liberal People's Party      ALDE 11,708
Alf Svensson      Christian Democrats      EPP 54,082
Eva-Britt Svensson [4]      Left Party      EUL–NGL 39,145
Marita Ulvskog      Social Democratic Party      S&D 173,894
Åsa Westlund      Social Democratic Party      S&D 40,432
Cecilia Wikström      Liberal People's Party      ALDE 17,746


  1. ^ MEP since the Lisbon Treaty.
  2. ^ Resigned in 2011, became the Minister for the Environment in Reinfeldt I. Replaced by Kent Johansson (7,623 votes) on 18 October 2011.
  3. ^ MEP since the Lisbon Treaty.
  4. ^ Resigned in 2011 due to health problems. Replaced by Mikael Gustafsson (3,218 votes) on 22 September 2011.

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