List of museums in Lower Austria

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This list of museums in the state of Lower Austria, Austria contains museums which are defined for this context as institutions (including nonprofit organizations, government entities, and private businesses) that collect and care for objects of cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical interest and make their collections or related exhibits available for public viewing. Also included are non-profit art galleries and university art galleries.

The list[edit]

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Name Image Location Type Summary
Arnulf Rainer Museum Baden rainermuseum.jpg Baden Art website, works by contemporary artist Arnulf Rainer
Austrian Motorcycle Museum Sigmundsherberg Transportation website, motorcycles
BAXA Mining Museum Mannersdorf Leithagebirge Steinbruch 2010 02.jpg Mannersdorf am Leithagebirge Mining information, restored lime kiln and former quarry
Art/Brut Center Gugging Muzeo gugging.JPG Baden Art
Artstetten Castle Schloss Artstetten.jpg Artstetten-Pöbring Biography Life and times of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
Bicycle Museum of Retz Retz Transportation website, bicycles
Burg Kreuzenstein Burg Kreuzenstein - Panorama Burghof.JPG Leobendorf Historic house Restored medieval castle
Burg Rappottenstein 2005-10-18 Rapottenstein.JPG Rappottenstein Historic house Tours of the medieval fortress castle
Burg Seebenstein Burg Seebenstein 2.JPG Seebenstein Historic house Tours of the medieval fortress castle
Burgruine Aggstein Burgruine-Aggstein.jpg Schönbühel-Aggsbach Historic house Tours of the medieval castle ruins
City Museum Wienertor Hainburg an der Donau - Wiener Tor.JPG Hainburg an der Donau Local website, local history, prehistory, natural history
City Museum Traiskirchen Traiskirchen Local website, local history, home life, culture
Das Heizhaus Heizhaus Strasshof 070422.jpg Strasshof an der Nordbahn Railway website
District Folklore Museum Lilienfeld Bezirksheimatmuseum Lilienfeld mit Zdarsky--Schi-Museum.jpg Lilienfeld Local website
Dorfmuseum Kritzendorf Ofica Domo Kritzendorf.JPG Klosterneuburg Local website, village history, agriculture, domestic life
Edmund Adler Gallery Mannersdorf am Leithagebirge Art website, municipal art gallery, works by local painter Edmund Adler
Egon Schiele Museum Egon-Schiele-Museum 1644-46.JPG Tulln an der Donau Art Works by painter Egon Schiele, contemporary art exhibits
Eisenbahnmuseum Schwechat Eisenbahnmuseum Schwechat 1.jpg Schwechat Railway website
Essl Museum ESSL-muzeo.JPG Klosterneuburg Art website, contemporary art
Field and Industrial Railway Museum Hohenberg Railway website
Fire Museum Perchtoldsdorf Landfahrspritze Pdorf.jpg Perchtoldsdorf Firefighting website, firefighting equipment, helmets, hoses
First Austrian Museum of Everyday History Pölla History information, rural life and social changes of Lower Austria
Fischamend Museum Fischamend Marktturm 2011.jpg Fischamend Local website, local history, prehistory, industry, culture
Forest Farm Museum Gutenstein History website, woodworking, carpentry, tools, uses
Gallery of Lower Austria for Contemporary Art Krems Krems Art website
Gallery of Lower Austria for Contemporary Art St. Pölten St. Pölten Art website
Galerie Stadtpark Krems Art website
Gaming Charterhouse Kartause Gaming Kirchenfassade und Arkadenhof.jpg Gaming Religious Features museum in the former monastery's history and medieval life
Göttweig Abbey Stift Goettweig Stiftskirche01.jpg Göttweig Religious Includes tours of the Baroque monastery complex and imperial museum
Gozzoburg Gozzoburg Krems.jpg Krems Art website, tours of the Medieval hall with frescoes
Grocery Museum Herrnbaumgarten History website, late 19th-century period general store
Haydn's Birthplace in Rohrau Haydngeburtshaus.jpg Rohrau Biography Late 18th-century period birthplace of composer Joseph Haydn
Höbarthmuseum GuentherZ 2011-05-14 0042 Horn Hoebarthmuseum.jpg Horn Multiple website, local history, weapons, watches and clocks
Hungarian Tower City Museum CIMG5538 ungarturm.jpg Bruck an der Leitha Local website
Karikaturmuseum Krems Karikaturmuseum Krems 01.JPG Krems Art website, caricature, cartoon, comic and satirical art
Kitchen Museum Küchenmuseum 4916.jpg Herrnbaumgarten History website, period kitchen displays, cookware and serving pieces
Klosterneuburg Monastery Klosterneuburg - Stift.JPG Klosterneuburg Art Tours of the monastery and museum of religious art
Klosterneuburg City Museum Klosterneuburg Local website, local history
Krahuletz Museum GuentherZ 2011-09-10 0314 Eggenburg Krahuletzmuseum.jpg Eggenburg Multiple website, minerals and fossils, archaeological and ethnographic artifacts
Kunsthalle Krems Krems an der Donau - Kunsthalle.JPG Krems Art website, exhibits of art, photography, culture
Little Train Museum Altenmarkt an der Triesting Railway Model railroads, open by appointment
Loisium Loisium Langenlois.jpg Langenlois Wine website, area winemaking
Lower Austria Museum Landesmuseum Niederösterreich Foto Hertha Hurnaus (8).jpg St. Pölten Multiple Local history, art, natural history
Mannersdorf City Museum Museum Mannersdorf-Blauer Bruch.JPG Mannersdorf am Leithagebirge Local website, local history, archaeology, geology
Michelstetten School Museum Michelstetten Schulmuseum3.JPG Michelstetten Education website, 19th-century period school
Moravian Silesian Heritage Museum Rostockvilla Klosterneuburg.JPG Klosterneuburg Ethnic website, decorative art and culture of the Sudeten Germans
Museum Carnuntinum Carnuntum Museum Carnuntinum.jpg Bad Deutsch-Altenburg Open-air Exhibits important archeological finds from the ancient city Carnuntum
Museum Kierling Kierling Local website, local history, collection of silhouettes, kitchen items and cookbooks, horse-drawn vehicles and farm implements
Museum Krems Krems Multiple website, city's history, culture. art collection
Museum of Flight Aviaticum Scheibe Specht.JPG Wiener Neustadt Aviation website, Austrian history of aviation
Museum of Historical Beer Mugs Hainfeld-Bierkrugmuseum 3603.jpg Hainfeld Decorative arts website, collection of beer mugs
Museum Retz Retz Local website, local history, musical instruments,
Museumsdorf Niedersulz AMTSSTUBE-BUERGERMEISTERHAUS.JPG Sulz im Weinviertel Open-air Features over 80 historic buildings, includes the Anabaptist Museum
Museumszentrum Mistelbach MZM.MistelbachAnDerZaya.Hauptfront.Ab.JPG Mistelbach Multiple website, includes the Hermann Nitsch Museum, art, wine
Nonseum Herrnbaumgarten website, audited classics of nonsense
Open Air Museum Petronell Carnuntum thermae 01.JPG Petronell-Carnuntum Open-air website, reconstructions of Ancient Roman houses from Carnuntum
Railway Museum Sigmundsberg ÖBB X 150.05.JPG Sigmundsherberg Railway website
Reckturm Wiener Neustadt Military information, private collection of weapons
Rohrau Castle Schloss Rohrau.JPG Rohrau Art Historic castle with fine painting collection
Rollettmuseum Rollettmuseum (Karl Gruber, 2009).jpg Baden Multiple website, science, natural history, archaeology
Rosenburg Castillo Rosenburg - Austria (02).jpg Rosenburg-Mold Historic house
Schallaburg Renaissance Castle Schallaburg 2008.jpg Schallaburg Historic house
Schloss Eckartsau Eckartsau Schloss.jpg Eckartsau Historic house website, Baroque period castle
Schloss Hof Schloss hof001.jpg Historic house Imperial palace and gardens
Schloss Weitra Schloss weitra 01.jpg Weitra Multiple website, includes exhibits about the castle's history, art, regional economic history, brewery museum, area political history from 1945 to the end of the Cold War
Schloss Laxenburg Franzensburg.jpg Laxenburg Historic house Includes Franzensburg, several imperial palaces and gardens
Schönberg House in Mödling Mödling 8327.jpg Mödling Biography Home of composer Arnold Schönberg
Schwechat Museum Schwechat Gutshof Meierhof Felmayergarten 2011.jpg Schwechat Local website, local history, culture
Seegrotte Filmkulisse Boot Seegrotte.JPG Hinterbrühl Mining Former gypsum mine and cave system with large underground lake
Tower Museum in the Cathedral WrNeustadtDom030822.jpg Wiener Neustadt information
Vino Versum Poysdorf Interaktives Wappen.JPG Poysdorf Wine, exhibition about wine and history
Waldviertel Art Museum FrontMontage1 Ausschnitt.jpg Schrems Art website, exhibits of paintings, sculptures, architecture and design by artists from Austria and abroad, sculpture park
Wiener Neustadt City Museum WrNeustadt Stadtmuseum 01.JPG Wiener Neustadt Multiple website, history, culture, science
Wiener Neustadt Hospital Museum Wiener Neustadt Medical information
Wiener Neustadt Industrial District Museum IndustrieviertelMuseumWienerNeustadt.10A.jpg Wiener Neustadt History website, depiction of everyday work using tools, machines and photos
Wiener Neustadt Mineral Museum Karmeliterkirche.WienerNeustadt.09A.JPG Wiener Neustadt Geology information
Wienerwaldmuseum Wienerwaldmuseum Eichgraben.jpg Eichgraben Multiple website, minerals and fossils, archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, artisan tools, farming equipment, art gallery
Windmill of Retz Windmill in Retz.jpg Retz Mill website, working windmill and restaurant
Zdarsky Ski Museum Bezirksheimatmuseum Lilienfeld mit Zdarsky--Schi-Museum.jpg Lilienfeld Sport website, history of alpine skiing and work of ski pioneer Mathias Zdarsky