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Biographical museums[edit]


Alexander Pushkin museums[edit]

Anna Akhmatova museums[edit]

Other writers'[edit]

Literary characters'[edit]


  • Ilya Repin (The Penates House) (a branch of Russian Academy of Arts Research Museum)
  • Isaak Brodsky (a branch of Russian Academy of Arts Research Museum)


  • Ivan Pavlov's memorial apartment in Academician's Home (Rus. Dom Akademikov) at 1, Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment
  • Lev Gumilev (branch of Anna Akhmatova (Fountain House) Museum)





Politicians, statesmen's and military leaders'[edit]


Soviet politicians'[edit]

Lenin Museums[edit]
  • The State Historical and Memorial Museum of Smolny in the building occupied since the 1920s by the city government - previously of the former Smolny Institute next to Smolny Convent (, In early 21st century it shows 1) the history of the pre-1917 institute (the 1st state educational facility for young ladies), 2) the history of 1917 October Revolution and the time the building was occupied until the spring 0f 1918 by the first Soviet Government led by Vladimir Lenin which later moved to Moscow, including Lenin's apartment/study, 3) later Soviet period. The museum has branches, partly left after the closing in early 1990s of the city's branched subsidiary of National Lenin Museum:
    • the Yelizarov family memorial apartment near ulitsa Lenina(Lenin Street) in Petrogradsky district (one of Lenin's sisters Anna née Uliyanova was married to Mark Yelizarov, and Lenin was their guest);
    • the Alliluyev family memorial apartment in 10th Sovietskaya ulitsa. (The family of Nadezhda Alliluyeva and her parents was frequented by Joseph Stalin after his Siberian exile).
  • Raznochinniy Petersburg (The St Petersburg of Raznochintsy) (
Kirov Museum[edit]


Post-1988 public figures'[edit]

Fine Arts museums and galleries[edit]

Local history museums[edit]

Science and natural history museums[edit]

Science museums[edit]

Natural history museums[edit]

Transport museums[edit]

Automobiles and motorcycles[edit]

Aviation museums[edit]

Rail museums[edit]

Maritime museums[edit]

War and military museums[edit]

Theatre, music and circus museums[edit]

Museums for children[edit]

Museum parks and gardens[edit]

Philosophical museums[edit]

Religious museums and museum places of worship[edit]


Russian Orthodox[edit]

Auguste de Montferrand. Museum and its other branches ("The Ring of Cathedrals"):


Former museums[edit]

Food and drinks industry museums[edit]

Private museums[edit]

Suburban museums (royal country residences of palaces and parks)[edit]

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