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This is a list of museums with major collections of Asian art.

  1. Palace Museum*, Beijing, China
    1,800,000 objects[1]
  2. National Museum of China*, Beijing, China
    1,050,000 objects[2]
  3. National Palace Museum*, Taipei, Taiwan
    700,000 objects[3]
  4. National Museum of Korea, Seoul, South Korea
    150,000 objects[4]
  5. Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England, UK
    130,000 objects[5]
  6. Shanghai Museum*, China
    120,000 objects[6]
  7. National Museum, Tokyo, Japan
    120,000 objects[7]
  8. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    ~100,000 objects[8]
  9. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, New York, USA
    60,000 objects[9]
  10. American Museum of Natural History, New York City, New York, USA
    60,000 objects[10]
  11. British Museum, London, England, UK
    55,000+ objects[11]
  12. Musée du quai Branly, Paris, France.
    58,000 objects[12]
  13. Musée Guimet, Paris, France
    ~50,000 objects[13]
  14. Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois, USA
    ~50,000 objects[14]
  15. Freer Gallery of Art / Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
    >40,000 objects[15]
  16. Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    ~40,000 objects[16]
  17. Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois, USA
    35,000 objects[17]
  18. Museum für Asiatische Kunst, Berlin, Germany
    20,000 objects[18]
  19. Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York, USA
    ~20,000 objects[19]
  20. Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, California, USA
    18,000 objects[20]
  21. Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
    16,000 objects[21]
  22. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
    10,450 objects[22]
  23. Lytton Chinese History Museum*, Lytton, British Columbia, Canada
    About 200 objects[23]
  24. Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama, USA
    More than 4,000 objects[24]
  25. Crow Museum of Asian Art, Dallas, Texas, USA
    Over 4, 000 objects[25]
  26. Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
    Over 1, 000 objects[26]

* These museums specialise in only Chinese items; the collections are not comprehensive for all Asia.

Several famous and distinguished collections, including the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa[27], Cleveland Museum of Art, National Gallery of Australia in Canberra[28], Chicago's Field Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Royal Ontario Museum[29], Museum of Archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania, Sydney's Art Gallery of New South Wales[30], Montreal Museum of Fine Arts[31], Los Angeles County Museum, Vancouver Art Gallery[32], Adelaide's Art Gallery of South Australia[33], Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Chapel Hill, North Carolina's Ackland Art Museum, the Seattle Asian Art Museum and the Georges Labit Museum do not provide adequate numerical information for their significant collections. This list, therefore, is only provisional.

Some collecting institutions combine their ethnographic, cultural, and artistic materials together in their total holdings. Such is the case of the British Museum, for example. It would be nearly impossible to distinguish between these types of objects (e.g. "fine arts") in developing a quantitative, as opposed to qualitative, ranking of this kind.


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