List of numbered roads in Prince Edward County

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This is a list of numbered county roads in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

County Road # Local Name(s) Western/Northern Terminus Eastern/Southern Terminus Townships served Settlements served Additional Notes
1 Schoharie Road
Sandy Hook Road
Loyalist Parkway County Road 10 Hillier, Hallowell Huff's Corners
2 County Road 2
Belleville Road
King's Highway 62 Loyalist Parkway Hillier, Ameliasburgh Wellington, Mountain View
3 County Road 3
Rednersville Road
Loyalist Parkway King's Highway 62 Ameliasburgh Carrying Place, Rednersville, Rossmore
4 Old Belleville Road
Talbot Street
King's Highway 62 King's Highway 33 Sophiasburgh, Hallowell Gilbert Mills, Picton
5 Potter Road
Gorsline Road
Yerexville Road
Johnson Street
County Road 15 Main Street, Picton Sophiasburgh, Hallowell Demorestville, Yerexville, Picton
6 County Road 6 County Road 5 County Road 49 Hallowell none minor connecting route
7 County Road 7 Bridge Street, Glenora County Road 8 Hallowell, North Marysburgh Glenora, Lake on the Mountain, Bongard, Cressy
8 Union Street
County Road 8
Bridge Street, Picton County Road 7 Hallowell, North Marysburgh Picton, Waupoos, Cressy
10 County Road 10 County Road 24 County Road 13 Athol, South Marysburgh Cherry Valley, Milford
11 County Road 11 County Road 18 County Road 10 Athol Athol, Woodrous
12 County Road 12
Stanley Street
Loyalist Parkway County Road 18 Hallowell, Athol West Lake, Sandbanks Provincial Park
13 County Road 13 County Road 8 Long Point Road North Marysburgh, South Marysburgh Black River, Port Milford, South Bay
14 Burr Road
County Road 14
County Road 2 County Road 15 Hillier, Sophiasburgh Burr, CFD Mountain View, Demorestville
15 Northport Road Potter Road, Demorestville County Road 49 Sophiasburgh Demorestville, Northport, Solmesville
16 County Road 16 County Road 17 County Road 13 South Marysburgh Black River minor connecting route
17 County Road 17 County Road 8 County Road 10 Hallowell, North Marysburgh, South Marysburgh Milford
18 County Road 18 County Road 12 County Road 10 Athol West Lake, Sandbanks Provincial Park, The Outlet, Salmon Point, Cherry Valley
19 County Road 19 Loyalist Parkway County Road 2 Ameliasburgh Ameliasburg, Mountain View
20 County Road 20 Huycks Point Loyalist Parkway Hillier Huycks Bay
21 County Road 21 Big Island Road County Road 15 Sophiasburgh none road approx. 900 m (0.56 mi) long consisting mostly of a bridge to Big Island
22 Church Street County Road 8 County Road 10 Hallowell Picton Church Street continues north to Loyalist Parkway
23 County Road 23 County Road 3 County Road 19 Ameliasburgh Rednersville, Centre
24 County Road 24 County Road 10 Army Reserve Road Athol Cherry Valley, Soup Harbour
25 County Road 25 County Road 7 County Road 8 North Marysburgh none minor connecting route
27 County Road 27 North Beach Loyalist Parkway Hillier North Beach Provincial Park
28 County Road 28 County Road 3 King's Highway 62 Ameliasburgh Rossmore, Fernwood Gardens
29 Mill Street Loyalist Parkway Loyalist Parkway Ameliasburgh, Hillier Consecon
30 Corey Street Schoharie Road Loyalist Parkway Hallowell Bloomfield
32 County Road 32 King's Highway 33 County Road 12 Hallowell none minor connecting route extending south of Mallory Rd.
33 Loyalist Parkway County Road 64 King's Highway 62 Ameliasburgh, Hillier, Hallowell Carrying Place, Consecon, Wellington, Bloomfield Extension of Hastings County Road 33 from Stirling; Loyalist Parkway continues from Hwy. 62 junction as King's Highway 33; a.k.a. Main Street in Wellington and Wellington Street in Bloomfield
34 Hull Road County Road 4 County Road 5 Hallowell Yerexville Hull Road extends west to May Road
35 County Road 35 County Road 15 County Road 49 Sophiasburgh Greenpoint, Cole Wharf, Roblin Mills
38 County Road 38 County Road 8 Waupoos Island ferry wharf North Marysburgh Waupoos length of road approx. 550 m (600 yd)
39 Stinson Block Road Southward turn in road near Robinson Point Mill Street, Consecon Hillier Consecon, Wellers Bay Stinson Block Road loops back to County Road 29
49 Main Street
County Road 49
County Road 35 Loyalist Parkway Hallowell, Sophiasburgh Picton, Fawcettville, Woodville, Roblin Mills Picton Main St. continues west on Loyalist Parkway to Lake St.; road continues north as King's Highway 49 on bridge over Bay of Quinte to Highway 401 at exit 566