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This list of ornithologists abbreviated names is based on information from the older books on birds. In particular, the books by George Robert Gray and Richard Bowdler Sharpe. When reading these older books, abbreviated names are used that sometimes make little or no sense.

  • In George Robert Gray's 1840 publication of List of the Genera of Birds, he uses abbreviated forms of the abbreviations, on occasion. Typically, this is done when he is repeating names within a species and genus set. Typically, but not always, the second (or the species abbreviation) has been further abbreviated. For example, in Family II, Subfamily I, Genus Daptrius is credited to Viell for Louis Jean Pierre Vieillot, and then further down in the next indented line it describes the species of that genus, and D. ater is credited to V which again is Viellot.

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