List of prisons in Beijing

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This is a list of prisons within Beijing municipality of the People's Republic of China.

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Beijing Juvenile Offender Detachment Daxing District Tiantanghe 1995 construction area of 28 000 m²
Beijing Municipal No. 1 Prison Qinghe Knitting Mill Xuanwu District
Beijing Municipal Prison Auto Manufacturing Plant Daxing District 1982 1600 Prisoners (2006)
Beijing Office for Criminal Deportation
Beijing Women’s Prison 1999
Liangxiang Prison Fangshan District Liuzhang, Guandao Town 1960
Municipal No. 2 Prison Chaoyang District 1950
Qincheng Prison Changping District 1958 For political prisoners, the only prison in China not belonging to the Ministry of Justice; subordinate to the Ministry of Public Security
Qinghe Prison planned to build a new location in Guangjitun, Yanqing County, unconfirmed information
Yanqing Prison Guangjitun, Yanqing County