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Beijing Municipal Prison (simplified Chinese: 北京市监狱; traditional Chinese: 北京市監獄; pinyin: Běijīng Shì Jiānyù) is a prison in Daxing District, Beijing, China.[1] It was established in 1982. It had 1600 prisoners in 2006.[citation needed] It is about one hour away from the centre of Beijing by car.[2]

It is operated by the Beijing Municipal Administration of Prisons.

As of 2009 it houses almost 2,000 male inmates; these inmates are sentenced to 15 or more years,[2] and criminals with special circumstances.[which?] It has 18 workshops including an auto manufacturing plant, a plastic packaging plant and a steel factory. Produces light steel, construction templates, paper products, automobile remodeling, spray paint, spray molding, clothing and toys. Inmates use metal cutting lathes, shears, bending machines, straight cutting machines, assembly machines, flange straightening machines, arc welding generators, sewing machines, and other equipment. [3]

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