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The following is a list of journals in the field of psychiatry. Psychiatry journals generally publish articles with either a general focus (meaning all aspects of psychiatry are included) or with a more specific focus. This list includes notable psychiatry articles sorted by name and focus within psychiatry.

Journal Name Focus Publisher Language Publication Dates
Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica General Wiley-Blackwell English 1926-present
Actas Españolas de Psiquiatría General Fundación Juan José López-Ibor English, Spanish 1940-present
Addiction Addiction Wiley-Blackwell English 1884-present
American Journal of Psychiatry General American Psychiatric Association English 1844-present
Archives of General Psychiatry General American Medical Association English 1959-present
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria General Academia Brasileira de Neurologia English 1943-present
Australasian Psychiatry General SAGE Publications English 1993-present
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry General SAGE Publications English 1967-present
Behavior Genetics Genetics Springer Science+Business Media English 1971-present
Behavioral and Brain Functions Behavior BioMed Central English 2005-present
The Bekhterev Review of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology General Media Medica Russian 1896-present
Biological Psychiatry General Elsevier English 1959-present
British Journal of Psychiatry General Royal College of Psychiatrists English 1853-present
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry General Canadian Psychiatric Association English, French 1956-present
Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology Minorities American Psychological Association English 1995-present
Current Psychiatry Reports General Spring Science+Business Media English 1999-present
European Neuropsychopharmacology Pharmacology Elsevier English 1990-present
European Psychiatry General Elsevier English 1986-present
Evidence-Based Mental Health General BMJ Group English 1998-present
Genes, Brain and Behavior Genetics Wiley-Blackwell English 2002-present
Indian Journal of Psychiatry General Medknow Publications English 1949-present
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry Geriatrics John Wiley & Sons English 1986-present
International Journal of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy General Jason Aronson English 1974-1985
Issues in Mental Health Nursing Nursing Informa Healthcare English 1978-present
JAMA Psychiatry General American Medical Association English 1959-present
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders Autism Springer Science+Business Media English 1971-present
Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Clinical Physicians Postgraduate Press English 1940-present
Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology Pharmacology Lippincott Williams & Wilkins English 1981-present
Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease General Lippincott Williams & Wilkins English 1874-present
Mens Sana Monographs General Medknow Publications English 2003-present
Molecular Psychiatry Molecular Nature Publishing Group English 1997-present
Neuropsychopharmacology English 1987-present
Nezavisimiy Psikhiatricheskiy Zhurnal (The Independent Psychiatric Journal) Russian 1991-present
Psychiatric Genetics English 1990-present
Psychiatry MMC English
Psychological Medicine English 1969-present
Psychopathology English 1897–present
Psychosis English 2009–present
Psychosomatic Medicine English 1939-present
Psychosomatics English 1960-present
The Radical Therapist
Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria English, Portuguese, Spanish 1979-present
Russian Journal of Psychiatry General V. Serbsky NMRCPN Russian, English 1997-present
Schizophrenia Bulletin English 1969–present
Schizophrenia Research English 1988-present
Twin Research and Human Genetics English 1998-present
World Psychiatry Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish 2002-present