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This page lists the Barbershop Harmony Society's international quartet champions by the year in which they won. Quartets can only win once, though up to two members may appear together in another quartet and compete again. In this manner individual singers may win multiple gold medals. Twenty men have won two or more gold medals. Four men have won three or more. And two men, Joe Connelly and Tony DeRosa, have won four.

Connelly sang with champion quartets Interstate Rivals, Keepsake, PLATINUM, and Old School, and DeRosa with Keepsake, PLATINUM, Max Q, and Main Street. Connelly was the first to achieve both the 3- and 4-time International Quartet Champion milestone, and Tony DeRosa is the only to achieve 3 wins in multiple voice parts.

Though the competition is international, only two non-US quartets have so far won the gold medal: Ringmasters from Sweden in 2012 and Musical Island Boys from New Zealand in 2014.

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