List of ships of Austria-Hungary

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This is a list of Austro-Hungarian Navy ships.

Habsburg-class battleship

Capital ships[edit]

Ships of the line[edit]

  • SMS Santa Elisabetta - ex-British ship bought in Naples 1720[1]
  • SMS San Michele - ex-British ship bought in Naples 1720[1]
  • SMS San Carlos 84 (1695) - ex-British ship Cumberland bought in Naples 1720
  • SMS Emo 80 (1815) - ex-French ship Saturno captured in Venice 1814 broken up on stocks
  • SMS Cesare 74 (1815) - ex-French ship Montebello captured in Venice 1814
  • SMS Kaiser 92 (1858) - Later ironclad (see below)

Ironclad ships[edit]

Coastal defence ships[edit]



Armoured cruisers[edit]

Small cruisers[edit]

Torpedo cruisers

Protected cruisers

Fast cruisers (Rapidkreuzer)

Sailing ships[edit]

Sailing frigates

Sailing sloops

Sailing brigs (launched 1831–1849)

Schooners (goelettes)

Paddle steamers (Radaviso) (launched 1843–1854)

Screw frigates

Screw corvettes

Screw sloops

Destroyers and torpedo boats[edit]

Coastal Torpedo boats

High seas torpedo boats



River monitors[edit]


Screw gunboats

Torpedo gunboats

River gunboats


Torpedo depot ships[edit]

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