List of soldierflies and allies of Great Britain

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The following is a list of the Larger Brachycera recorded in Britain, this includes the soldierflies and their allies.[1]

Family Xylophagidae[edit]

Family Athericidae[edit]

Family Rhagionidae[edit]

Family Tabanidae[edit]

Subfamily Chrysopsinae[edit]

Subfamily Tabaninae[edit]

Family Xylomyidae[edit]

Family Stratiomyidae[edit]

Subfamily Beridinae[edit]

Subfamily Clitellariinae[edit]

Subfamily Nemotelinae[edit]

Subfamily Pachygastrinae[edit]

Subfamily Sarginae[edit]

Subfamily Stratiomyinae[edit]

Tribe Oxycerini[edit]

Tribe Stratiomyini[edit]

Family Acroceridae[edit]

Family Bombyliidae[edit]

Subfamily Bombyliinae[edit]

Subfamily Exoprosopinae[edit]

Subfamily Phthiriinae[edit]

Family Therevidae[edit]

Family Scenopinidae[edit]

Family Asilidae[edit]

Subfamily Asilinae[edit]

Subfamily Dasypogoninae[edit]

Subfamily Laphriinae[edit]

Subfamily Leptogastrinae[edit]

Subfamily Stenopogoninae[edit]


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