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This is a list of symbolic uses of "star" ideograms.

  • Star (classification), a scoring system for hotels, restaurants and movies
  • Star (football badge), representing trophies won by a football team
  • Barnstar, a decorative painted object or image often used to adorn a barn
  • Brunswick star, an eight- or sixteen-pointed star surrounding the British Royal Cypher, used on police badges
  • Hex sign, a form of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art
  • Mullet (heraldry), unconventional shapes of stars on coats-of-arms
  • Nautical star, a popular tattoo design
  • Red star, a political symbol of communism and socialism
  • Star of Life, representing emergency medical services units and personnel


  • Star polygon, a star drawn with a number of lines equal to the number of points
    • Pentagram, a five-pointed star polygon
    • Hexagram, a six-pointed star polygon
    • Heptagram, a seven-pointed star polygon
    • Octagram, an eight-pointed star polygon
    • Enneagram, a nine-pointed star polygon
    • Decagram, a ten-pointed star polygon
    • Hendecagram, an eleven-pointed star polygon
    • Dodecagram, a twelve-pointed star polygon
    • Magic star, a star polygon in which numbers can be placed at each of the vertices and intersections, such that the four numbers on each line sum to the same "magic" constant


  • Star (glyph), any of a number of star-shaped glyphs in typography
    • Asterisk, a typographical symbol (*)
    • Arabic star, a typographical symbol developed to be distinct from the asterisk

Medals and awards[edit]

  • 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-star rank, officer ranks used in many armed services, as well as the rare 6-star rank.
  • Africa Star, awarded by the British Commonwealth for service in World War II.
  • Award star, issued by the United States military for meritorious action in combat.
  • Bronze Star Medal, a United States Armed Forces individual military decoration.
  • Gold star, the highest state decoration in the Soviet Union and several post-Soviet states.
  • Service star, an attachment to a military decoration which denotes participation in military campaigns or multiple bestowals of the same award.
  • Silver Star, a military decoration which can be awarded to a member of any branch of the United States Armed Forces.
  • Order of the White Star, an Estonian civilian public service award.
  • Star Scout, a rank in the Boy Scouts of America.

Religious and supernatural uses[edit]

  • Star of David, or Jewish Star, a hexagram symbolizing Israel, Judeans, and/or Jews; properly speaking, this "star" is called the "Shield of David," (Magen David), while the pentagram is the "Star of David." Note that this is a cultural, rather than religious symbol.
  • Star of Lakshmi, a Hindu symbol associated with the goddess Lakshmi
  • Star and crescent, an Islamic symbol
  • The Star (Tarot card), one of the Major Arcana
  • Druze star, a symbol of the Druze religion
  • Marian star, a six-pointed star used as a Roman Catholic symbol of celestial objects
  • Rub el Hizb, a common Islamic symbol
  • alQuds Star, a star representing 'alQuds' (Jerusalem)
  • Haykal, a five-pointed star that represents the Bahá'í Faith
  • Nine-pointed star, a common symbol of the Bahá'í Faith that represents unity and Bahá’.