List of theatre personnel

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This is a list of the many positions involved in theatre, including both personnel employed temporarily for a specific production, permanent staff of a theatrical company and individuals employed in a performance venue.and


These positions are responsible for the development of a production from conception to performance. Typically, although there will be significant involvement in the fabrication and initial development, these positions will not be involved in the performances.


These positions are responsible for the fabrication of a production prior to the initial performance. Although there will be significant involvement in initial development of a production, some of these positions may not be involved once performances before an audience begin.

Theatre staff[edit]

These staff members are responsible for running a theatre group from year to year. Their objective is to facilitate the success of individual productions. Staff positions help ensure good attendance in safe facilities. They help ensure the theatre remains financially solvent, that it is well run, and that it is perceived as an asset to the community it serves.

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