List of types of amber

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This is a list of types of amber.

A huge piece of Baltic amber (9,7 kg) - This is one of the largest pieces of Baltic amber ever found. The piece is stored at the Natural History Museum in Berlin.

True ambers[edit]

  • Baltic amber - the most common amber variety, found along the shores of a large part of the Baltic Sea.
  • Burmese amber - also known as burmite, is a Cretaceous age amber up to 99 million years old found mainly in the Hukawng Valley, Kachin State, Myanmar (Burma). The most common amber containing insect inclusions of the Cenomanian.
  • Dominican amber - nearly always transparent, and having a higher number of fossil inclusions than Baltic amber.
    • Blue amber - a rare color variation, most commonly is found in the Dominican Republic.
  • Mexican amber - found mainly in Chiapas in Mexico, roughly contemporary with Miocene era Dominican amber, and produced by the extinct Hymenaea mexicana tree, a relative of the Hymenaea protera tree responsible for producing Dominican Amber.
  • New Jersey amber - Found on the Atlantic coastal plain of North America, dated to the Cretaceous, Turonian.
  • Rovno amber - Found in the Rovno region of Ukraine, of similar age to Baltic amber, and sharing many species.
  • Sri Lankan amber - found in sea coast in a very small quantity also called Indian amber or Indian sea amber .

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