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Litza Bixler
Litza Jean Bixler

(1970-08-25) August 25, 1970 (age 50)
Colorado, USA
OccupationFilm Choreographer, choreographer, writer, Artistic Director, Director
Years active1994–present

Litza Bixler (born August 25, 1970) is an American and British film choreographer, Artistic Director and Writer. She is best known for her work with Edgar Wright[1] on The World's End,[2] Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Shaun of the Dead.[3] Other films with the Wright/Frost/Pegg stable include Nick Frost's salsa comedy Cuban Fury and the romantic comedy Man Up (starring Simon Pegg).

Other film and TV projects include Peaky Blinders (TV Series), the musical show The Lodge for The Disney Channel, the romantic comedy I Give It a Year[4] and the musical film Walking On Sunshine (previously titled Holiday!),[5] featuring British singer Leona Lewis.[6]

Early life[edit]

Litza was raised in southern Colorado. Initially, she trained as a visual artist and studied Fine Art at the University of Colorado. Having danced seriously since the age of 12, she gradually shifted her focus from illustrative art to performance. After completing an undergraduate degree in Performance Studies, she received her master's degree in Choreography, Ethnochoreology, and Dance Theory from the University of Surrey in 1995.


Early Work[edit]

Litza created her first professional piece of choreography at the age of 16. In 1996, she choreographed and performed Position Over Eyes, the first piece with her company Litzabixler Performance. She created three more pieces for the company; So Low, Moving Stills, and Pistola Junta before closing the company to focus on her film work.

Other Work[edit]

Other work includes NVA's Speed of Light; a large site-specific piece featuring choreographed runners in light suits that opened the Edinburgh Festival in 2012,[7] as well as choreography for numerous adverts[8][9] and music videos.[10] Litza worked with Ministry of Sound to create her own fitness DVD in 2006.[11] She also writes and paints and is a certified Creativity Coach.

Upcoming Projects[edit]

Litza has written an original musical screenplay and is currently working on a Gothic horror novel and a children's adventure screenplay.



Year Film Role Notes
2015 Legend (film) Choreographer Director: Brian Helgeland
2015 Man Up Choreographer Director: Ben Palmer
2014 Walking On Sunshine Choreographer Director: Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini
2013 Cuban Fury Choreography Producer / Dance Fight Choreographer Director: James Griffith

Stunt/Fight Coordinator: Brad Allan

2013 The World's End Choreographer / Movement Director Director: Edgar Wright, Stunt/Fight Coordinator: Brad Allan
2012 I Give It a Year Choreographer Director: Dan Mazer
2010 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Choreographer Director: Edgar Wright, Stunt/Fight Coordinator: Brad Allan
2010 Soulboy Choreographer Director: Shimmy Marcus
2009 The Boat that Rocked Choreographer Director: Richard Curtis
2008 Easy Virtue Choreographer Director: Stephan Elliott
2008 Wild Child Choreographer Director: Nick Moore
2005 Piccadilly Jim Choreographer Director: John McKay
2004 Alfie Choreographer Director: Charles Shyer
2003 Shaun of the Dead Choreographer / Kissing Zombie (uncredited) / Movement Director Director: Edgar Wright
1999 Whatever Happened to Harold Smith? Choreographer Director: Peter Hewitt

Short Films and Television[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2016 The Lodge Head Choreographer One Season, Disney Channel: Directors: Matt Bloom, Dez McCarthy
2015 Peaky Blinders Choreographer Season Two, One Episode: Director: Colm McCarthy
2013 Opponent Executive Producer Random Acts for Channel 4 (UK TV), Director: Charlotte Ginsborg
2013 Magpie Executive Producer, Choreography Producer Music Video / Short film for artist Khushi

Director: Ryan Goodman

2013 Watching Copelia Director / Choreographer Short Film / Super 16 featuring dancer Lorena Randi
2007 Poppy Shakespeare Choreographer Film for Channel 4 (UK) Director: Benjamin Ross
2007 Don't Zombie Flapper (uncredited) Fake Trailer for Grindhouse Director: Edgar Wright
2006 Bottled Up Bunny Director / Choreographer / Producer Short Film for NERFF charity film festival
2003 Heart Thief Director / Choreographer / Dancer Co-director Deveril, Short film for Channel 4 (UK TV)
1998 Pistola Junta Director / Choreographer / Dancer Short film for live performance piece

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