Liu Yong (Qing dynasty)

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Liu Yong
Tiren Grand Secretariat
In office
Personal details
Born 1719
Shandong, Flag of the Qing Dynasty (1862-1889).svg Qing China
Died 1805
Beijing, Flag of the Qing Dynasty (1862-1889).svg Qing China
Occupation Politician, calligrapher
Running script to Annamese king Quang Trung.

Liu Yong (Chinese: 劉墉, 1719 - 1805) was a Chinese politician and calligrapher of the Qing dynasty.[1]


Liu Yong was born in Shandong 1719 with courtesy name Chong Ru (崇如), pen name Shi An (石庵), nick name Prime Minister Hunchback Liu (宰相劉羅鍋) or Hunchback Liu (劉駝子).

He served in a number of high-level positions with a reputation for being incorruptible, including as the Minister of Rites and Minister of War,[1] and is regarded by some as the "most influential calligrapher of his time".[2]


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