Live at 25 (Steppenwolf album)

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Live at 25
Live album by Steppenwolf
Released March 17, 1995
Recorded 1992
Genre Hard rock
Label K-Tel
Producer John Kay
Michael Wilk
Steppenwolf chronology
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Live at 25
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Live at 25 is a live album released by the American hard rock band Steppenwolf in 1995.

The recording of Live at 25 took place over multiple dates during the band's 1992 tour. It was the first live album the band had released since 1981's Live in London, and the first recordings released since 1991's Born to Be Wild - A Retrospective compilation album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Move Over" (John Kay/Gabriel Mekler)
  2. "Who Needs Ya'" (Larry Byrom/John Kay)
  3. "Rocket Ship" (John Kay/Michael Wilk)
  4. "Rock Me" (John Kay)
  5. "I'm Movin' On" (Hank Snow)
  6. "Sookie Sookie" (Don Covay/Steve Cropper)
  7. "Sign on the Line" (John Kay/Michael Wilk/Rocket Ritchotte)
  8. "Hootchie Cootchie Man" (Willie Dixon)
  9. "Let's Do It All" (John Kay/Michael Wilk/Rocket Ritchotte)
  10. "Hey Lawdy Mama" (John Kay/Larry Byrom/Jerry Edmonton)
  11. "Do or Die" (John Kay/Michael Wilk)
  12. "Desperation" (John Kay)
  13. "Hold On" (John Kay/Michael Wilk/Rocket Ritchotte)
  14. "Best of What You Got" (John Kay/Michael Wilk/Rocket Ritchotte)
  15. "Ride With Me" (Mars Bonfire)
  16. "Rock N' Roll War" (John Kay/Michael Wilk/Rocket Ritchotte)
  17. "Snowblind Friend" (Hoyt Axton)
  18. "Monster/Suicide/America" (Kay/Edmonton/St. Nicholas/Byrom)
  19. "Rise & Shine" (John Kay/Michael Wilk)
  20. "Magic Carpet Ride" (Rushton Moreve/John Kay)
  21. "Born to Be Wild" (Mars Bonfire)
  22. "The Pusher" (Hoyt Axton)
  23. "Rock & Roll Rebels" (John Kay/Rocket Ritchotte/Michael Wilk)