Live from Uranus

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Live from Uranus
Live from Uranus (Less Than Jake album - cover art).jpg
Live album by Less Than Jake
Released March 9, 1999
Genre Ska punk
Length 23:17
Label Capitol
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Live from Uranus
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Live from Uranus is a live EP by Less Than Jake. The release is only available in Japan.

The album was recorded October 1, 1997, at Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, New York, and features songs from Losing Streak, Pezcore, and Losers, Kings and Things We Don't Understand.

The EP features a note from the band, which reads: "This stuff was recorded in Rochester, New York during our "Race Around Uranus" tour with blink-182 and Frenzal Rhomb. Anyway, everyone in LTJ is in love with Japan and can't wait until we can visit and play for you. Our shows are about silliness and free stuff. Tons and tons of thank yous go out to everyone who supports us and got our record! Hugs & Kisses, LTJ"

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Vinnie Fiorello/Chris Demakes/Roger Manganelli

  1. "Liquor Store" - 3:01
  2. "Time and a Half on 2nd Avenue and 6th Street" - 2:36
  3. "Econolodged" - 3:07
  4. "Just Like Frank" - 1:58
  5. "Automatic" - 2:39
  6. "Lockdown" - 2:38
  7. "Never Going Back to New Jersey" - 3:01
  8. "How's My Driving, Doug Hastings?" - 1:31
  9. "Shindo" - 2:46