Lluís-Anton Baulenas

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Lluís-Anton Baulenas (Catalan pronunciation: [ʎuˈiz ənˈtɔm bəwˈlɛnəs]; born in Barcelona in 1958) is a Catalan novelist, translator and playwright.


Among his works are the novels Rampoines 451 (Good-for-Nothing 451, 1990), Noms à la sorra (Names in the Sand, 1995), which was a finalist for the Sant Jordi Prize, Alfons XIV (1997), also a finalist for the Sant Jordi Prize, El fil de plata (The Silver Thread, 1998), which was awarded the Serra d'Or Critics’ Prize, and La felicitat (Happiness, 2001), which received the Prudenci Bertrana Prize.


In 2005 Baulenas won the most prestigious award in Catalan letters, the Ramon Llull prize, for his novel Per un sac d’ossos (For a Sack of Bones), dealing with the Spanish civil war. The Toronto Star, reviewing the English translation on 13 July 2008, commented that "Baulenas is an accomplished storyteller whose narrative never falters, never veers off-course, never relinquishes its hold on the reader."