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Live @ The Village 27/01/07
Background information
Origin Dublin, Ireland
Genres Industrial rock, Noise rock, alternative metal
Years active 2004–present
Labels 383 Music, EMI Music Publishing
Associated acts Skindive, Moth Complex, JJ72
Website lluther.com
Members Gerry Owens
Sandman (Hytham Martin)
Leon (Leon Guilfoyle)
Logan Firth

Lluther is an Irish noise rock/alternative metal band from Dublin, Ireland, founded in 2004 by songwriter/guitarist Gerry Owens. The band has released two studio albums, one EP, and seven singles.

Owens has worked with notable industry professionals that include Chris Blackwell (U2, Tricky, Bob Marley, etc.), Chris O’Brien, and Richard Dowling.[1]

Their latest studio album Rise of the Reptile King, released in 2011 has spawned four singles released throughout 2010 including In The Dollhouse, King Of Nothing, Rise Of The Reptile King, and Femme Fatale. The single, In The Dollhouse made it onto the Virgin Rock Radio Airplay Top 20 in Italy in June for 4 weeks, alongside U2, Them Crooked Vultures & Depeche Mode.[2]

The band has recently inked with Damon Moreno and Inner Light Agency for full managerial representation in the US. The band is currently preparing for a US tour that will begin in early 2012 with a coast-to-coast schedule of dates.[3]


2004: Formation[edit]

Lluther was formed in 2004 by Gerry "G" Owens, who was "looking for a new direction in music" following the break-up of his former band Skindive, in which Gerry was the primary songwriter and guitarist. Skindive had been signed to Chris Blackwell’s Palm Pictures Record Label. Skindive experienced album sales in the US and around Europe with some of their music being featured in several television programs as well as used in the MTV Awards ceremony in 2003.

2004–2008: Venus Complex EP, Agents Of Empire[edit]

Shortly after forming, Lluther recorded and self-released their first EP Venus Complex which led to their signing to the German hard rock label Tiefdruck Music. Their full-length studio album Agents Of Empire was released shortly afterwards in Europe on the Tiefdruck label. Working closely with the label they began to play around Europe with a welcome crowd reception and reaction. In early 2008, Lluther parted amicably with Tiefdruck.

2009–2010: EMI Music, Rise of the Reptile King[edit]

Owens' songwriting and composing abilities were recognised by international music giants EMI Music Publishing where he signed to a major worldwide deal.

After being signed by EMI, Gerry went back into the studio to work on a new and more mainstream rock sound. Owens spent 2009 working, writing, and producing the songs he had been culminating. The end result Rise Of The Reptile King, the second studio album from Lluther. All the tracks were written and produced by Gerry Owens, mixed by both Owens and studio mixer Chris O'Brien, and mastered by Richard Dowling.

Lluther are not only planning a US Tour to support the release of their album but are also currently working on the production and release of both the full-length book and the graphic novel also entitled "Rise Of The Reptile King".

2011–present: SuicideGirls, Singles, Management[edit]

With "constant demands and requests for new music from the fans", the band recently decided to make 3 of the tracks available through their own website. These tracks were "In The Dollhouse", "King Of Nothing" and "Rise Of The Reptile King".[4] A limited number of promo singles were sent out to rock stations in Europe (excl UK) a few months ago and got a lot of airplay (especially in Italy, Poland, Finland, Germany).

In April, Lluther were featured on the Suicide Girls Radio show alongside Kottonmouth Kings[5]

In The Dollhouse went into the Virgin Rock Radio Airplay Top 20 in Italy in June for 4 weeks, alongside U2, Them Cooked Vultures & Depeche Mode.

The band has recently inked with Damon Moreno and iLA for full managerial representation in the US.

Band members[edit]

Current members
  • Gerry Owens – lead vocals, guitar
  • Sandman – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Logan Firth – drums
  • Leon – bass, backing vocals



Year Release Notes
2004 Venus Complex EP
  • EP
  • Label: Black Cell Recordings
  • Released: Early 2004
2005 Agents Of Empire
  • Studio album
  • Label: Black Cell/TDM/Universal
  • Released: August 2005
Released in Ireland in 2007. Released initially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
2011 Rise of the Reptile King
  • Studio album
  • Label: 383 Music/EMI Music Publishing
  • Released: 2011
Released worldwide in 2011 under 383 Music and EMI Music Publishing


Year Release
2005 "People Is Ugly"
  • Label: Black Cell/TDM/Universal
  • Released: May 2005
2005 "Fixer"
  • Label: Black Cell/TDM/Universal
  • Released: September 2005
2006 "For You"
  • Label: Black Cell/TDM/Universal
  • Released: October 2006
2010 "In The Dollhouse"
  • Label: 383 Music/EMI Music Publishing
  • Released: January 2010
2010 "King Of Nothing"
  • Label: 383 Music/EMI Music Publishing
  • Released: February 2010
2010 "Rise Of The Reptile King"
  • Label: 383 Music/EMI Music Publishing
  • Released: February 2010
2010 "Femme Fatale"
  • Label: 383 Music/EMI Music Publishing
  • Released: March 2010


"Turning To Dust" Label: 383 Music/EMI Music Publishing Released: March 2010

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