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Lock(s) may refer to:

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  • Lock (computer science), a bookkeeping object used to serialize concurrent access
  • Lock (database), a feature used when multiple users access a database concurrently
  • File locking, describes a mechanism that restricts access to a computer file
  • SIM lock, a restriction on mobile phones to work only in certain countries or with certain providers

Other technologies[edit]

  • Lock and key, a mechanical device used to secure items of importance
  • Lock (firearm), the ignition mechanism of small arms
  • Lock (water navigation), a device for boats to transit between different levels of water, as in a canal
  • Lock (weapons guidance), missile navigation system's target acquisition fix
  • Fermentation lock, a device in beer and wine making that allows carbon dioxide to escape while not allowing air to enter
  • Rope lock, a device used in theater fly systems
  • Airlock, a compartment for transfer between environments with different atmospheres

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