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Logic mazes, sometimes called 'mazes with rules', are logic puzzles with all the aspects of a tour puzzle that fall outside of the scope of a typical maze. These mazes have special rules, sometimes including multiple states of the maze or navigator. Popular logic mazes include tilt mazes and other novel designs which usually increase the complexity of the maze, sometimes to the point that the maze has to be designed by a program to eliminate multiple paths. Additional examples include:

  • Area-mazes or A-mazes, which the area of the tile stepped on must alternately increase and decrease with every step.
  • Rolling dice mazes, in which a die is rolled onto cells based on various rules.
  • Number mazes, in which a grid of numbers is navigated by traveling the number shown on the current square.
  • Multi-State mazes, in which the rules for navigation change depending on how the maze has been navigated.