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Logovardi (Macedonian: Логоварди) is a village situated in Pelagonia, east of Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. Located in the village of Logovardi is the cemetery of the buried French soldiers, who lost their lives during World War II. France had deployed many soldiers, to help Yugoslavia during the Nazi invasions of Europe.

Past and present[edit]

The village started existing in the 19th century, when it was in the Bitola Kaza in the Ottoman Empire. According to the census of 2002, the village has 699 inhabitants. It is also home of Logovardi Airport, the nearest airport to Bitola.


According to the census of 2002, of the 699 inhabitants: [1]


Coordinates: 41°1′50″N 21°24′30″E / 41.03056°N 21.40833°E / 41.03056; 21.40833