Logtun Church

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Logtun Church
Logtun kirke
View of the church
Logtun Church is located in Nord-Trøndelag
Logtun Church
Logtun Church
Location in Nord-Trøndelag
Coordinates: 63°34′02″N 10°42′06″E / 63.5672°N 10.7018°E / 63.5672; 10.7018
Location Frosta, Nord-Trøndelag
Country Norway
Denomination Church of Norway
Churchmanship Evangelical Lutheran
Founded 1100s
Status Parish church
Functional status Active
Completed 1500s
Materials Stone

Logtun Church (Norwegian: Logtun kirke) is a medieval church in the village of Logtun in the municipality of Frosta in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. The church is now owned by the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments, but it is still used for baptisms, wedding ceremonies, some religious services, and concerts.[1] The nearby Frosta Church was built in 1866 to replace it as the main church for the area.

Logtun middelalderkirke.jpg
Logtun kirke Frosta


Logtun is located on the Frosta peninsula close to Tinghaugen, the site of the early Norwegian Frostating court. There was already a church at Logtun at the time of Archbishop Eystein Erlendsson, from 1157 to 1180, but no sources indicate when this particular church was built. It is assumed that it dates back to 1500s, and that it has been rebuilt several times. The church has a special altar piece was carved in 1652, and painted in 1655.[2]


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