Loony on the Bus

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Loony on the Bus
Loony on the Bus.jpg
Studio album by Roy Harper
Released 1988
Recorded England
Genre Rock
Length 44:15
Label Awareness AWCD 1011,
Rough Trade CD10-261 (Germany)
Producer Roy Harper
Roy Harper chronology
Descendants of Smith
(1988)Descendants of Smith1988
Loony on the Bus
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Loony on the Bus is the fifteenth studio album by Roy Harper, released in 1988.


The album is mostly a collection of tracks originally intended for release in 1977 under the title Commercial Breaks. The original 1977 release was held back because of disputes between Harper and EMI over funding and content and resultantly, it was not until the release of Loony on the Bus in 1988 that most of the tracks became publicly available.

Seven songs are taken from the original track listing for Commercial Breaks (tracks: 1,2,3,6,9,10,& 11), two songs still remain exclusive to this release (tracks 5 & 8), and two tracks (4 & 7) though exclusive at the time of release, would later be released as bonus tracks on the eventual 1994 CD release of Commercial Breaks.

The album's title was inspired by a review of one of Harper's earlier albums in a women's magazine. The reviewer stated that Harper reminded her of "...the loony on the bus".

Track listing[edit]

All tracks credited to Roy Harper

  1. "No Change (Ten Years Ago)" – (3:21) (from Commercial Breaks)
  2. "Sail Away" – (4:47) (from Commercial Breaks)
  3. "I Wanna Be Part Of The News" – (3:34) (from Commercial Breaks)
  4. "Burn The World (Part 1)" – (5:04)
  5. "Casualty" – (3:55) (exclusive to this release)
  6. "Cora" – (3:23) (from Commercial Breaks)
  7. "Playing Prisons" – (4:11)
  8. "Loony On The Bus" – (3:49) (exclusive to this release)
  9. "Come Up And See Me" – (4:21) (from Commercial Breaks)
  10. "The Flycatcher" – (3:55) (from Commercial Breaks)
  11. "Square Boxes" – (4:01) (from Commercial Breaks)



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