Lovango Cay, U.S. Virgin Islands

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Grass Cay (left), Mingo Cay (middle), and Lovango Cay (right), as seen from a ferry

Lovango Cay is a private island of the district of Saint John, in the United States Virgin Islands.

The island hosts an eco-responsible housing development called Loving Cay Estates.[1] The island is self-sufficient and hosts its own solar array, wind turbine, and reverse osmosis desalinization facility.

Accessible only by boat, the north side of the cay features a small bay. With Congo Cay to the north, the water here tends to stay calm and offers very good snorkeling. Among other things, nurse sharks are often found resting here during the day.

The south side of the island is popular snorkeling spot for charter boats from St. John and St. Thomas.

Coordinates: 18°21′43″N 64°48′20″W / 18.36194°N 64.80556°W / 18.36194; -64.80556