Love Monster (EP)

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Love Monster
Love Monster (EP).jpg
EP by Monster Magnet
Released 2001
Recorded 1988
Genre Heavy metal
Psychedelic rock
Label Wrong Way Records
Producer Monster Magnet
Monster Magnet chronology
God Says No
Love Monster
Greatest Hits

Love Monster is an EP released by the band Monster Magnet, although all songs on the album were recorded by the lead singer, Dave Wyndorf, in 1988, a year before the band was formed. Only 3,000 copies of Love Monster were released, making it Monster Magnet's rarest material.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  • All tracks written by Dave Wyndorf except where cited
  1. "Love Monster"
  2. "War Hippie"
  3. "Poster"
  4. "Atom Age Vampire"
  5. "Brighter Than the Sun"
  6. "I'm Five Years Ahead of my Time" (The Third Bardo cover)
  7. "Snoopy"


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