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Cover tab.jpg
EP by Monster Magnet
Released 1991 (Germany)
May 14, 1993 (U.S.A.)
Genre Psychedelic rock, stoner rock, space rock
Length 55:47
Label Caroline Records
Glitterhouse Records
Producer Monster Magnet
Monster Magnet chronology
Monster Magnet
(1990)Monster Magnet1990
Spine of God
(1991)Spine of God1991
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Tab (a.k.a. Tab 25 or 25 Tab) is the title of Monster Magnet's second EP, released in Europe in 1991 and in the United States two years later. Originally released on Glitterhouse Records, it was recorded before the band's 1991 debut album Spine of God but issued afterwards to capitalize on its success. Though long enough to qualify as a full-length album, it is referred to as an EP. It is generally viewed by critics as the band's most psychedelic release, with the first two tracks alone totaling 45 minutes. The cover bears the text "MONSTERMAGNET 25............TAB"; however, the band's website refers to it as "TAB".[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Tab..." (Wyndorf/McBain/Cronin) – 32:14
  2. "25 / Longhair" (Wyndorf/McBain) – 12:28
  3. "Lord 13" (Wyndorf) – 4:09
Some Caroline Records versions
  1. "Untitled (Murder)" – 3:38
  2. "Untitled (Tractor)" – 3:25
2006 Reissue
  1. "Spine of God (Live)" - 7:25

Some Caroline Records versions include the songs "Murder" and "Tractor", taken from the band's eponymous debut EP, as hidden bonus tracks. A March 2006 reissue added a live version of "Spine of God", the studio version of which appeared originally on Spine of God.

Film usage[edit]

The 1999 film Beowulf features the track "Lord 13" in its soundtrack. It is played during the ending credits of the movie.


  • Dave Wyndorf – Guitar, Vocals
  • John McBain – Guitar
  • Joe Calandra - Bass
  • Jon Kleiman - Drums
  • Tim Cronin - Bass, Additional Vocals, Additional Drums


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