Loves Me Not

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For the Korean film, see Love Me Not.
"Loves Me Not"
Tatu lovesmenot.jpg
"Loves Me Not" cover
Promotional single by t.A.T.u. from the album The Best
Released September 13, 2006 (UK)[1]
Format CD single
Recorded March 2005
Genre Alternative rock
Length 2:55
Label Interscope
Writer(s) Ed Buller, Andy Kubiszewski
Producer(s) Ed Buller, Andy Kubiszewski, Martin Kierszenbaum

"Loves Me Not" was a planned fourth single for the album Dangerous and Moving by t.A.T.u. However, due to the group leaving Universal Records, the song's release was postponed, then later cancelled in all countries, except for a limited release in France. Even though it was cancelled, it is available on some countries' iTunes Music Store with only the original song. A video of the group performing the song at "Glam As You" in Paris was aired on a few television stations worldwide. Music and lyrics by Andy Kubiszewski and Ed Buller. Cover photo taken by Bryan Adams.

Although the song was first seen on Dangerous and Moving, it is considered the only single from The Best. A very small number of singles were printed and sold in France, using the same photo from the "Gomenasai" single. An alternate version of the song can be found on Люди Инвалиды (Lyudi invalidy).[2]

Track listing[edit]

  • France Promo CD single
  1. "Loves Me Not"
  2. "Loves Me Not" (Glam As You Radio Mix By Guéna LG)
  3. "Loves Me Not" (Glam As You Mix By Guéna LG)
  4. "Loves Me Not" (Sunset In Ibiza By Guéna LG)
  • European Promo CD single
  1. "Loves Me Not"
  2. "Loves Me Not (Glam As You Radio mix)


Chart (2006) Peak
Slovakia (Rádio Top 100)[3] 40
South Korea (GAON) 25


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