Lovesexy Tour

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Lovesexy Tour
Tour by Prince
Associated album Lovesexy
Start date July 8, 1988
End date February 13, 1989
Legs 3
Number of shows 31 in Europe
38 in North America
8 in Asia
77 in total
Prince concert chronology

The Lovesexy Tour was a tour by American recording artist-musician Prince in 1988–1989 in support of his platinum album, Lovesexy. The tour was his last outing in the 1980s.


Although the tour was a huge success in terms of reviews and audience numbers (most shows were sellouts), it lost money due to the high production costs incurred with transportation, only breaking even by its final leg in Japan in early 1989. Prince used a number of elaborate props on the moving, multi-tiered stage such as a basketball hoop, a fountain, trellis fences and a full-scale replica of his Ford Thunderbird automobile.

The two-hour show included most songs from the Lovesexy album, alongside well-known hits and rarer material. In usual Prince fashion, many shows saw the premiere of entirely new songs, particularly "Blues in C (If I Had a Harem)".

Thematically, the show was divided into two very distinct main acts with the themes of light and dark. Act One, which ran for an hour, consisted mainly of older material from Prince's earlier albums, often strung together into medley form to ease time constraints. The show often began with "Escape" before segueing into "Erotic City" and concluded with "Anna Stesia". Act Two consisted largely of songs from Lovesexy, plus classic hits like "Kiss" and towards the end of the concert, "Let's Go Crazy", "Purple Rain", and "1999". The highlight of many shows was the piano medley in the second act, often featuring "When 2 R in Love", "Venus de Milo", "Starfish and Coffee", "Raspberry Beret", and "Condition of the Heart".

The band[edit]

This post-Revolution line-up was the same that had supported the Sign ☮' the Times Tour. At the conclusion of the tour, the band was rearranged with the departures of Boni Boyer and Cat, along with Sheila E. New drummer Michael Bland was hired from Dr. Mambo's Combo from Minneapolis, Rosie Gaines took over keyboards and backup vocal duties, and a trio of dancers known as the Game Boyz were added. The horn section was dropped altogether.

Susannah Melvoin, Wendy and Lisa, George Clinton, Mavis Staples, Jill Jones, Tony Le Mans, Tony! Toni! Toné! were guest performers at the Bloomington concerts.


Setlist of 8 July 1988, at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, Paris, France[1]

Act I

  1. "Erotic City" (Includes "Escape" intro and "Sex Shooter" interpolation)
  2. "Housequake"
  3. "Slow Love"
  4. "Adore"
  5. "Delirious"
  6. "Jack U Off" (Includes snippets of "Twelve")
  7. "Sister" (Includes "Adore" coda)
  8. "U Got the Look"
  9. "I Wanna Be Your Lover"
  10. "Head"
  11. "When You Were Mine" (Includes 'blues improvisation', "When You Were Mine" coda)
  12. "Little Red Corvette"
  13. "Pop Life"
  14. "Controversy"
  15. "Dirty Mind"
  16. "Superfunkycalifragisexy" (Includes "Controversy" coda)
  17. "Bob George"
  18. "Anna Stesia"

Intermission: during the intermission, an unreleased song entitled "Intermission" was played.[2]

Act II

  1. "Eye No"
  2. "Alphabet St."
  3. "Glam Slam"
  4. "The Cross"
  5. "I Wish U Heaven" (Includes snippets of "I Wish U Heaven (part 2)" and "God is Alive")
  6. "Kiss"
  7. "Dance On" (Includes drum solo coda)

Act III: Encore

  1. "When 2 R in Love"
  2. "Let's Go Crazy"
  3. "When Doves Cry" (Includes "La, La, La, He, He, Hee" interpolation)
  4. "Purple Rain"
  5. "1999"

Act IV: 2nd Encore

  1. "Positivity"
  2. "Lovesexy" (Includes snippets of "It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night" and '80s medley')

Setlist of 10 February 1989, at the Kitakyushu City Gymnasium, Kitakyushu, Japan[3]

  1. "Housequake" (Includes snippets of "It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night", "Escape" intro and "Take the "A" Train" interpolation)
  2. "Slow Love"
  3. "Adore"
  4. "Delirious"
  5. "Jack U Off" (Includes snippets of "Twelve")
  6. "Sister"
  7. "Do Me, Baby" (Includes "Adore" coda)
  8. "Head" (Includes "I Wanna Be Your Lover" instrumental intro and bridge)
  9. "Girls & Boys"
  10. "A Love Bizarre"
  11. "When You Were Mine" (Includes 'blues improvisation' and "When You Were Mine" coda)
  12. "Little Red Corvette"
  13. "Controversy"
  14. "U Got the Look" (Includes "Dirty Mind" bridge)
  15. "Superfunkycalifragisexy" (Includes "Controversy" coda and "Murph Drag" lyrics)
  16. "Bob George"
  17. "Anna Stesia"

Intermission: during the intermission, an unreleased song entitled "Intermission" was played.[2]

Act II

  1. "Eye No"
  2. "Lovesexy"
  3. "Glam Slam"
  4. "The Cross"
  5. "I Wish U Heaven" (Lead vocals by Sheila E.)
  6. "Kiss"
  7. "Dance On" (Includes 'transmississippirap' from "It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night" and drum solo coda)

Act III: Encore

  1. "Let's Go Crazy"
  2. "When Doves Cry" (Includes "La, La, La, He, He, Hee" interpolation)
  3. "Purple Rain"
  4. "1999"

Act IV: 2nd Encore

  1. "Alphabet St."

Whilst "Holly Rock" and "Pop Life" were added as the tour progressed. "What'd I Say", "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker", "It Is No Secret", "The Ladder", and "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?" were also added to the piano medley.

Tour dates[edit]

The Dortmund, Germany show was recorded and broadcast live via satellite across Europe and later released on VHS.

Date City Country Venue
July 8, 1988 Paris France Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy
July 9, 1988
July 10, 1988
July 12, 1988
July 15, 1988 Milan Italy Palatrussardi
July 16, 1988
July 17, 1988
July 19, 1988
July 23, 1988 Antwerp Belgium Sportpaleis
July 25, 1988 London England Wembley Arena
July 26, 1988
July 28, 1988
July 29, 1988
August 1, 1988
August 2, 1988
August 3, 1988
August 5, 1988 Birmingham NEC
August 6, 1988
August 10, 1988 Stockholm Sweden Isstadion
August 11, 1988
August 14, 1988 Oslo Norway Valle Hovin
August 17, 1988 Rotterdam Netherlands Feijenoord Stadion
August 18, 1988
August 19, 1988
August 21, 1988 Copenhagen Denmark Idrætsparken
August 27, 1988 Frankfurt West Germany Waldstadion
August 30, 1988 Hamburg Wilhelm-Koch Stadion
August 31, 1988
September 3, 1988 Modena Italy Stadio Alberto Braglia
September 8, 1988 Dortmund West Germany Westfalenhallen
September 9, 1988
North America
September 14, 1988 Bloomington United States Met Center
September 15, 1988
September 17, 1988 Rosemont Rosemont Horizon
September 18, 1988
September 19, 1988
September 22, 1988 Cincinnati Riverfront Coliseum
September 24, 1988 Charlotte Charlotte Coliseum
September 27, 1988 Richmond Richmond Coliseum
September 30, 1988 Hartford Hartford Civic Center
October 2, 1988 New York City Madison Square Garden
October 3, 1988
October 5, 1988 Toronto Canada Maple Leaf Gardens
October 8, 1988 Hampton United States Hampton Coliseum
October 10, 1988 Landover Capital Centre
October 11, 1988
October 13, 1988 Atlanta The Omni
October 14, 1988
October 16, 1988 Greensboro Greensboro Coliseum
October 18, 1988 Philadelphia Wachovia Spectrum
October 20, 1988 Worcester Worcester Centrum
October 21, 1988
October 22, 1988
October 24, 1988 Uniondale Nassau Coliseum
October 28, 1988 Pittsburgh Civic Arena
October 30, 1988 Detroit Joe Louis Arena
October 31, 1988
November 3, 1988 Denver McNichols Arena
November 6, 1988 Los Angeles Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
November 7, 1988
November 10, 1988 Oakland Oakland Coliseum
November 11, 1988
November 15, 1988 Seattle Seattle Center Coliseum
November 17, 1988 Vancouver Canada Pacific Coliseum
November 21, 1988 Ames United States Hilton Coliseum
November 23, 1988 Memphis Mid-South Coliseum
November 25, 1988 New Orleans Kiefer Arena
November 27, 1988 Houston The Summit
November 29, 1988 Dallas Reunion Arena
February 1, 1989 Sendai Japan Sendai Gymnasium
February 4, 1989 Tokyo Tokyo Dome
February 5, 1989
February 7, 1989 Nagoya Rainbow Hall
February 8, 1989
February 10, 1989 Kitakyushu Kitakyushu City Gymnasium
February 12, 1989 Osaka Osaka-jō Hall
February 13, 1989


The second show in Dortmund was put on by the Dutch promoter, and the majority of the audience was from the Netherlands. The show was filmed by Dutch production company ID-TV, for later release on video, called Lovesexy Live.[4]