Luccombe Bay

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Luccombe Bay is located in Isle of Wight
Luccombe Bay
Luccombe Bay
Luccombe Bay on the Isle of Wight
Luccombe Bay looking to the north

Luccombe Bay is a bay on the south east coast of the Isle of Wight, England. It lies to the east of Luccombe Village from which it takes its name. It faces south east towards the English Channel, its shoreline is 1.2km in length. It stretches from Horse Ledge in the north to Bordwood Ledge in the south.

The sea bottom is a mixture of mud and rocks. The beach is predominantly shingle and rocks.

The bay is best viewed from Luccombe Chine which descends to the beach about two-thirds of the way along the bay.

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Coordinates: 50°36′39″N 1°10′30″W / 50.61088°N 1.17498°W / 50.61088; -1.17498