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Luis Eduardo Bermúdez Acosta better known as Lucho Bermúdez (January 25, 1912 in El Carmen de Bolívar – April 23, 1994 in Bogotá), was a Colombian musician, composer, arranger, musical director and performer of Colombian folkloric rhythms: Boleros, Cumbias, Porros and Merecumbes. His work brought a big-band jazz sound to these traditional Colombian genres. He was married to Matilde Díaz who later became the lead singer of his orchestra.

Early years[edit]

Bermúdez studied in the city of Santa Marta where he also became a member of the military marching band in 1920. He learned to play the flute, the trombone, the piccolo, the Tuba, the trumpet, the Saxophone and the clarinet. He became musical director for the A Numero uno de Cartagena orchestra, and later on the Orquesta del Caribe, in which he played many of his compositions and completed his first recording, including the songs "Marbella", "Cartagenerita", "Joselito Carnaval" and "Borrachera".

Orchestra career[edit]

Bermúdez and his orchestra traveled to Argentina to record an album under the RCA Victor label. It was the first time he had ever left the country. The album contained the songs "Danza Negra", "Caprichito", "Cuca", "Cumbia Colombiana", "El Porro Buenos Aires", among others. The following year Bermúdez organized an orchestra with his name and moved to Medellín where he established his home.

Between 1952 and 1954 Bermúdez lived in Cuba and Mexico with his orchestra, mainly to promote the Colombian music overseas. During his time abroad he produced dozens of recordings. Upon his return to Colombia, he was invited by the first Colombian Television to perform in their first broadcast on June 13, 1954.


  • "Arroz con coco"
  • "Añoranza"
  • "Año nuevo"
  • "Buenos Aires
  • "Fantasía Tropical"
  • "Embelezo"
  • "Borrachera"
  • "Bolombolo"
  • "Burrucua"
  • "Caprichito"
  • "Cachito"
  • "Carmen de Bolivar"
  • "Colombia Tierra Querida"
  • "Coqueteando"
  • "Doble Cero"
  • "Fiesta Naval"
  • "Fiesta de negritos"
  • "Gaita de las flores"
  • "Gammin"
  • "Gloria Maria"
  • "La buchaca"
  • "Los Primos Sanchez"
  • "Minarete"
  • "Porro operatico"
  • "Pata cumbia"
  • "Prende la vela"
  • "Roberto Mendez"
  • "Sabrocita"
  • "San Fernando"
  • "San Andres"
  • "Salsipuedes"
  • "Te usco"
  • "Tolu"


Caracol Radio awarded him the "Caracol de Oro" award.