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Lumiere TV
Type Broadcast
Country Cyprus
Availability National
Launch date

Lumiere TV (LTV) was a premium television service available in Cyprus, that broadcast movies and series. It was owned by LTV Group Ltd. Repeaters had been set up across the country that enabled more than 80% of the population to receive these services. Lumiere TV was originally available on the NOVA Cyprus platform but following a financial dispute, it moved over to rival Athina Sat. As of March 3, 2008, LTV is once again available through NOVA Cyprus following a new agreement that was signed between the two companies. The channel is no longer available through Athina Sat, which has ceased operations in March 2008. It was also available through IPTV providers CytaVision & PrimeTel until its final closure and liquidation in August 2014.[1]

Channels and content[edit]

Lumiere TV operated nine multiplex channels:

  • LTVxs.jpg: LTV was a 24-hour channel which broadcast entertainment, news and sports programming, as well as live football matches of the Cypriot Champions League. It also broadcast blockbuster movies, feature films, top-rated television series, lifestyle programmes, reality shows and talk-shows. The sports section included live football matches and sports programmes.
  • LTV1 xs.jpg: LTV1 was a 24-hour channel and it focused on live transmission of sports events and sports-related programmes. The entertainment content involved Nickelodeon’s children’s programmes and a vast range of animation movies which were broadcast daily.
  • LTV2 xs.jpg: LTV2 was a 24-hour channel and included prime TV series and mini-series from the biggest American studios. Movies and programs of general interest were also included.
  • LTV3xs.jpg: LTV3 was a 24-hour channel which broadcast premieres of blockbuster films and TV-movies, but also old favourite movies. The channel also included a daily adult zone.
  • LTV Sports 1 xs.jpg: LTV Sports 1 was a 24-hour channel which broadcast live transmissions, highlights and sports shows for big football events, such as the Marfin Laiki Championship, the Coca-Cola Cup, the Barclays Premier League, the German Bundesliga and the Spanish Primera Division. Also it broadcast basketball and tennis games, golf, motor sports events and as well as the NBA.
  • LTV Sports 2 xs.jpg: LTV Sports 2 aimed to complement the LTV Sports 1 channel in cases of simultaneous or multiple event transmissions, such as the Barclays Premier League, the Spanish Primera Division, the Greek Superleague, and others. It also broadcast live tennis events and weekly football highlights.
  • LTV SPORTS HD xs.jpg: LTV Sports HD broadcast football games and many sports in HD.
  • LTV Premier HD xs.jpg: LTV Premier HD was a High Definition channel with 380 live football matches and 400 derbies of the past that remained in history. Highlights, commentaries, season review, live transmissions, sports shows, and the latest updates.


Lumiere TV featured hit movies from Greece and abroad, including Hollywood blockbusters. It also aired hit TV series from the US such as Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural. It broadcast over 15 premieres each month with new release films being added continuously.



  • Action Zone



Additional hit series[edit]


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