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Lurie is a Jewish surname.

It is one of the oldest family trees in the world, tracing back at least to King David born c. 1037 BCE, as documented by Neil Rosenstein in his book The Lurie Legacy.[1] It contains many famous members such as Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Felix Mendelssohn, Martin Buber, Rashi, and Hezekiah.[2][3]

The name is sometimes transliterated from/to other languages as Lurye, Luriye (from Russian), Lourié (in French).

Other variants include: Luria, Luri, Luryi, Lurier, Laurie, Lourie, Laurier.

The surname may refer to:

  • Alison Lurie (born 1926), American novelist
  • Bob Lurie (born 1929), former owner of the San Francisco Giants
  • Dan Lurie (1923-2013), American body building and physical fitness pioneer
  • David Lurie (born 1951), South African photographer
  • Elliot Lurie (born 1948), lead guitarist and songwriter for the band Looking Glass
  • Evan Lurie (born 1954), film and TV composer
  • Jacob Lurie (born 1977), American mathematician, professor at Harvard University
  • Jeffrey Lurie (born 1951), former Hollywood producer turned NFL team owner
  • Jessica Lurie, American composer, performance artist and woodwind player,
  • John Lurie (born 1952), American actor, musician, painter and producer
  • Marty Lurie (born 1972), American professional wrestling manager
  • Morris Lurie (1938-2014), Australian writer
  • Peter Lurie (born 1962), American television personality
  • Ranan Lurie (born 1932), American Israeli editorial cartoonist and journalist
  • Rod Lurie (born 1962), Israeli-American director, screenwriter and former film critic
  • Zvi Lurie (1906-1968), Israeli politician, signatory of the Israeli declaration of independence



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