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Lurie is a Jewish surname.

It is one of the oldest family trees in the world, tracing back at least to King David born c. 1037 BCE, and containing other storied members[clarification needed] such as Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Felix Mendelssohn, Martin Buber, Rashi, and Hezekiah.[1][2][3]

The name is sometimes transliterated from/to other languages as Lurye, Luriye (from Russian), Lourié (in French).

Other variants include: Luria, Luri, Luryi, Laurie, Lourie, Laurier (also laurel-tree)

The surname may refer to:

  • Alison Lurie (born 1926), American novelist
  • Bob Lurie (born 1929), former owner of the San Francisco Giants
  • Dan Lurie (1923-2013), American body building and physical fitness pioneer
  • David Lurie (born 1951), South African photographer
  • Elliot Lurie (born 1948), lead guitarist and songwriter for the band Looking Glass
  • Evan Lurie (born 1954), film and TV composer
  • Jacob Lurie (born 1977), American mathematician, professor at Harvard University
  • Jeffrey Lurie (born 1951), former Hollywood producer turned NFL team owner
  • Jessica Lurie, American composer, performance artist and woodwind player,
  • John Lurie (born 1952), American actor, musician, painter and producer
  • Marty Lurie (born 1972), American professional wrestling manager
  • Morris Lurie (1938-2014), Australian writer
  • Peter Lurie (born 1962), American television personality
  • Ranan Lurie (born 1932), American Israeli editorial cartoonist and journalist
  • Rod Lurie (born 1962), Israeli-American director, screenwriter and former film critic
  • Zvi Lurie (1906-1968), Israeli politician, signatory of the Israeli declaration of independence



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