Mönchengladbach Hauptbahnhof

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Mönchengladbach Hauptbahnhof
Deutsche Bahn Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn
Mönchengladbach Hbf.jpg
The outside of the station building
Location Europaplatz 1, Mönchengladbach, NRW
Coordinates 51°11′46″N 6°26′46″E / 51.196°N 6.446°E / 51.196; 6.446Coordinates: 51°11′46″N 6°26′46″E / 51.196°N 6.446°E / 51.196; 6.446
Other information
Station code 4162[1]
DS100 code KM[2]
IBNR 8000253
Category 2[1]
Website www.bahnhof.de
Opened 15 October 1851[3]

Mönchengladbach Hauptbahnhof (German for Mönchengladbach main station) is a railway station in the city of Mönchengladbach in western Germany.


The station is the largest railway station in the city and, along with Rheydt Hbf, one of the two Hauptbahnhof stations in Mönchengladbach. Mönchengladbach is the only city with two stations designated as a Hauptbahnhof on its soil, due to the merger between the cities of Mönchengladbach and Rheydt in the 1970s, and the subsequent reluctance of Deutsche Bundesbahn to rename Rheydt Hauptbahnhof. Mönchengladbach Hbf also is the busiest (in terms of passengers) station in Germany to lack long-distance trains.

Railway lines calling at the station[edit]

The station is on the following routes:[4]

Line Line name Route Frequency
RE 4 Wupper-Express Aachen HbfMönchengladbach HbfNeuss HbfDüsseldorf HbfWuppertal HbfHagen HbfDortmund Hbf hourly
RE 8 Rhein-Erft-Express Mönchengladbach HbfKöln HbfKöln/Bonn FlughafenKoblenz Hbf hourly
RE 13 Maas-Wupper-Express Venlo–Viersen –Mönchengladbach Hbf–Neuss Hbf–Düsseldorf Hbf–Wuppertal Hbf–Hagen Hbf–Hamm hourly
RE 42 Niers-Haard-Express MünsterHaltern am SeeRecklinghausenGelsenkirchenEssen HbfMülheim (Ruhr) HbfDuisburg HbfKrefeld HbfMönchengladbach Hbf hourly
RB 27 Rhein-Erft-Bahn Mönchengladbach Hbf–Cologne Hbf–Koblenz Hbf hourly
RB 33 Rhein-Niers-Bahn Duisburg – Krefeld – Viersen – Mönchengladbach – Aachen hourly
RB 34 Schwalm-Nette-Bahn Mönchengladbach HbfRheydt HbfWegbergDalheim hourly
RB 35 Emscher-Niederrhein-Bahn Wesel – Oberhausen Hbf – Duisburg – Krefeld – Mönchengladbach Hbf hourly
S 8 S 8 Mönchengladbach Hbf–Neuss Hbf–Düsseldorf Hbf–Wuppertal Hbf–Hagen Hbf
Every 60 minutes continuing from Hagen to Dortmund as S 5
to Wuppertal-Oberbarmen: every 20 minutes,
to Hagen: every 40 minutes
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
toward Aachen Hbf
RE 4
toward Dortmund Hbf
toward Koblenz Hbf
RE 8
toward Koblenz Hbf
RB 27
Terminus RE 42
toward Münster Hbf
toward Aachen Hbf
RB 33
toward Duisburg Hbf
toward Dalheim
RB 34 Terminus
Preceding station   Abellio Rail   Following station
Terminus RB 35
toward Wesel
Preceding station   eurobahn   Following station
toward Hamm Hbf
RE 13
toward Venlo
Preceding station   Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn   Following station
Terminus S 8
toward Hagen Hbf


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