Mộc Châu District

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Mộc Châu District
Huyện Mộc Châu
View from the Moc Chau Plateau to the Hòa Bình Dam - North Vietnam
View from the Moc Chau Plateau to the Hòa Bình Dam - North Vietnam
Coordinates: 20°55′19″N 104°45′08″E / 20.9220823°N 104.7520939°E / 20.9220823; 104.7520939Coordinates: 20°55′19″N 104°45′08″E / 20.9220823°N 104.7520939°E / 20.9220823; 104.7520939
Country Vietnam
ProvinceSơn La
CapitalMộc Châu
 • Total1,081.66 km2 (417.63 sq mi)
 • Total114,460
 • Density110/km2 (270/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC + 7)

Mộc Châu is a rural district of Sơn La Province in the Northwest region of Vietnam, 200 kilometers from Hanoi. As of 2019 the district had a population of 114,460.[2] The district covers an area of 1,081.66 km²,[1] ranking 8th among 12 city districts of Son La Province. The district capital lies at Mộc Châu.[3]

Moc Chau belongs to the highland landscape class in the horizontal classification system of Vietnamese landscape, with characteristics of climate, ecology and human life.

Moc Chau is distributed on the terrain with an average elevation of more than 1,050 m above the sea level. The annual average temperature of Moc Chau is 18.7 °C, it has cool climate due to lying between the Da River (northeast) and Ma River (southwest). These two river systems act as two natural air conditioning systems. At the same time, Moc Chau has a high climate division along the belt, so it has both the characteristics of the subtropical and temperate highland climate, which is very convenient for developing tourism for the whole year.

Moc Chau is popular with Vietnamese and international tourists for its hill tribes such as White & Black Thai People and Muong People, the green tea hills, Mộc Châu milk, the natural landscape of Dải Yếm waterfalls, Hill Pine and Orchid Garden flowers. It takes five hours driving, with a distance of 200 kilometres (120 mi) from Hanoi to Mộc Châu.



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