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M64 shield

Route information
Length: 40 mi (60 km)
History: Proposed cancelled in 1976.
Major junctions
West end: Stoke on Trent

(original alignment)
East end: Kegworth
M6 Motorway
Stoke on Trent
Burton on Trent
M1 Motorway
Road network

The United Kingdom's M64 motorway was planned during the 1970s to link the M6 at Stoke-on-Trent with the M1 near Castle Donington, by way of Uttoxeter and Derby.

Its purpose would have been to allow traffic travelling from the south-east to the north-west to avoid the busy M6 around Birmingham. It was cancelled in 1976.[1][2]

The A50 was built during the 1990s instead, following roughly the same route.

Meanwhile, the M6 Toll motorway was built to ease traffic congestion north of Birmingham.

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Coordinates: 52°53′49″N 1°47′16″W / 52.89701°N 1.78764°W / 52.89701; -1.78764