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MEO 245 were an Australian new wave band from the 1980s, formed in Melbourne, Australia by 3 Tasmanians and 1 Victorian.

They recorded their first album, Screen Memory, and the singles "Lady Love" and "Other Places", all of which made the mainstream charts in Australia. They appeared on ABC TV's pop show Countdown performing "Lady love" and "Jewels".

They recorded their final product in 1983. 'Rites of Passage', a six track Mini Album with the Single 'Summer Girl'. It was a marked shift from the new wave pop of Screen Memory with a more guitar-orientated sound coming to the fore. The band was composed of Paul Northam, Paul Brickhill, Campbell Laird, and Mark Kellet. They were together from 1979 to 1983.

The name derives from the catalog number of German Import Beatles EP.

Screen Memory, "Rites of Passage" and the Single 'Lady Love" were reissued on one CD in 1997 by Mushroom Records.

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