Madiun railway station

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Madiun Station
Gayabaru Malam Selatan 050313-082 mn.jpg
LocationMadiun, East Java
Coordinates6°43′10″S 108°33′31″E / 6.71944°S 108.55861°E / -6.71944; 108.55861Coordinates: 6°43′10″S 108°33′31″E / 6.71944°S 108.55861°E / -6.71944; 108.55861
Owned byPT Kereta Api Indonesia
Line(s)Southern Line
Ponorogo Line (defunct)
Other information
Station codeMN

Madiun Station is a railway station located in Kompol Sunaryo Street No. 6A Madiun Lor, Mangunharjo, Madiun.[1] This station, located at an altitude of ±63 M above sea level, is the central of Operational Region 7 and is a large station serving railway trains both to North and South Lines to various destinations such as Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta with economy, business, and executive classes trains.

Diesel Locomotive at Madiun Station, 2005

Before entering Madiun Station, from the west, after the level crossings at Yos Sudarso Street, there are branching towards the rail depot owned by Pertamina. In the west of the station there is a locomotive depot owned by PT INKA available Locomotive CC203, CC204. In the south there is a railway line which branches will end in Slahung, Ponorogo, but since 1992 the rail has been disabled.

Madiun Station is a one side station in which the main building is located in line with railway train and emplacement The majority of station building both main building and emplacement has been renovated so that the whole view of this station evokes a modern nuance.[2] At platform room a small remain of the elements of old building can be seen in the form of big dog in square shape. The lower part of the wall is layered with marble to minimize maintenance as it functions as public area.


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