Maelstrom (TV series)

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Genre Drama / Mystery
Created by Michael J. Bird
Directed by David Maloney
Starring Tusse Silberg
David Beames
Trevor Baxter
Susan Gilmore
Edita Brychta
John Abineri
Christopher Scoular
Ann Todd
Composer(s) Johnny Pearson
No. of episodes 6
Producer(s) Vere Lorrimer
Location(s) Ålesund area of Norway
Original network BBC1
Original release 5 February – 12 March 1985

Maelstrom is a BBC television drama miniseries transmitted in 1985.

The six-part serial was written by Michael J. Bird, produced by Vere Lorrimer and directed by David Maloney. The major cast members included Tusse Silberg, David Beames, Trevor Baxter, Susan Gilmore, Edita Brychta, John Abineri, Christopher Scoular and Ann Todd. The production was filmed on location in the Ålesund area of Norway.

Maelstrom was essentially a thriller series, centering on a young woman who travels to Norway to claim an inheritance. She finds herself involved in the mysterious dealings of the family of her deceased benefactor - and that someone is out to kill her.


Main cast[edit]



Episode no. Title First transmission (UK) Cast notes
1 "An Ill Wind" 5 February 1985 Paul Darrow (Oliver Bridewell)
John Rowe (Mr. Stoddard)
Lorna Lewis (Liv Albrigsten)
Peter Tuddenham (Bjarne Langva)
2 "Shadows" 12 February 1985 Sheelah Wilcocks (Gerda)
3 "In Possession" 19 February 1985 Thomasine Heiner (Mrs. Tovan)
Thane Bettany (Mr. Tovan)
Kaare Kroppan (Truck driver)
4 "House of Secrets" 26 February 1985
5 "Into the Vortex" 5 March 1985 Alan MacNaughtan (Professor Solberg)
Sheelah Wilcocks (Gerda)
Ulf Borger (Journalist)
6 "Out of the Depths" 12 March 1985 Alan MacNaughtan (Professor Solberg)
Sheelah Wilcocks (Gerda)
Marisa Campbell (Freya)


Maelstrom was released on a 2-disc DVD in Norway on 28 March 2007 and in 2015 in the United Kingdom.

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