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Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT)
Agency overview
HeadquartersAugusta, Maine
Parent agencyState of Maine

The Maine Department of Transportation, also known as MaineDOT, is the office of state government charged with the regulation and maintenance of roads and other public infrastructure in the state of Maine. An exception is the Maine Turnpike, which is maintained by the Maine Turnpike Authority. MaineDOT reports on the adequacy of roads, highways, and bridges in Maine. It also monitors environmental factors that affect the motor public such as stormwater, ice/snow buildup on roads, and crashes with moose.


MaineDOT is an agency that consists of several offices:

  • Bureau of Planning
  • Bureau of Maintenance and Operations
  • Office of Passenger Transportation
  • Office of Freight Transportation
  • Office of Communications
  • Bureau of Project Development
  • Capital Resource Management
  • Transportation Service Center
  • Environmental Office
  • Office of Legal Services and Internal Audit
  • Safety Office
  • Contract Procurement Office
  • Office of Engineering Quality and Oversight


See List of Maine State Routes, Interstate 95 in Maine, U.S. Route 1 in Maine and U.S. Route 2 in Maine.


MaineDOT owns hundreds of miles of railway track in the state, much of it acquired as the result of abandonment of rail on unprofitable lines by private carriers. The state does not itself operate a railway, instead leasing lines or engaging private contractors to operate on state-owned rails:

In 2012, MaineDOT sought an operator to restore passenger service on St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad tracks to Lewiston and Auburn, Maine."[4]


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