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The Malayan tribe are a Scheduled Tribe who live in Idukki District of Kerala, India. Their name derives from the Tamil word for Mountain.In the district, they are found in places like the Edamalayar in Kuttampuzha panchayat, Adimali block panchayat . Quite a handful of Malayan tribes are also found in Ernakulam district which is considered to be the official profile.php?peo3=17435&rog3=IN Following the tradition of most of the tribal communities of Indian subcontinent, these Malayan tribes too have adapted to various jobs like bamboo carving, fishing. Gathering of the products from the dense forest areas is also a lucrative occupation of most of the Malayan tribes of Kerala. Instances are also found where these Malayan tribes have rented their cultivating lands and also get involve as manual laborers in the fields. Today, these Malayan tribes have taken active participation in all educational as well as cultural fests.

It has been found out that due to their liquor consumption and rampant smoking, there has been a degradation of both the health and morality.

Malayan Tribe festivals and fairs play an important part in the society of these Malayan tribes, which also emphasizes the cultural exuberance of the community. Amongst various feted festivals, especially in Idukki district, the Adimali Fest is the most famous one. It is actually the tourism and agricultural festival held mainly in the mountainous region since the beginning of the year 1991. After that once in a year this festival is observed by the Malayan tribes during the last week of the month of December.

During the Adimali Festival, fairs and exhibition are organized in the venue. Myriads of the cultivators make a display of various items that they have prepared on their own hands. Exhibition of the stalls of various government departments, institutions and agencies are of huge appeal along with the exhibition stalls of the trade fair. An agricultural fair at Thodupuzha is also important and is held every year under the protection of the agricultural society.


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