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Malice In Wonderland
Origin Bergen, Norway
Years active 1997–present
  • Crank Music Group
  • Karisma Records
  • Dark Essence Records
Associated acts
  • Chri$ Wicked
  • Tracy Loveless
  • Sid Silva
  • Ed Kelly

Malice in Wonderland is a Norwegian rock band.[1]


Malice in Wonderland was founded in the late 90's, but it was not until 2003 that the band got a steady line-up. The band consists of founder/songwriter and vocalist Chris Wicked, guitarist Tracy Loveless, bass player Sid Silva and drummer Ed Kelly.

Their self-titled debut album was released in Norway on Karisma- and Dark Essence Records in 2005 and abroad the following year. The lead single "Lucifer's Town" became an internet hit and had more than 500.000 plays on Myspace. Malice In Wonderland have released several singles, amongst them City Angel, mixed by Tim Palmer (U2, Ozzy Osbourne). City Angel was listed on Finnish radio. In Finland the band have performed on PLAN Finland's TV gala for more than 1 million viewers and also fronted their biggest charity TV show, Red Nose Day.

The band labels their music as "powerful and catchy arena rock with a lot of atmosphere and attitude". They have toured in Europe and Asia, played with renowned artists like Def Leppard and appeared on several TV-shows and productions.

December 20, 2013 Malice In Wonderland released their sophomore album "The Royal Brigade" on Crank Music Group. The album is mixed by John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails).



Name Release Date Track list Comments
Malice In Wonderland July 28, 2005
  1. Lucifer's Town 4:33 (Wicked)
  2. Devil Dance 4:04 (Wicked/Foxx)
  3. My Heart (Belongs To You) 6:03 (Wicked)
  4. Perfect Drug 4:43 (Wicked)
  5. In The End 3:09 (Wicked/Valentine)
  6. Heartache Boulevard 4:42 (Wicked)
  7. Red Rose Suicide 5:39 (Foxx/Wicked)
  8. Dancing With You 3:59 (Wicked)
  9. Nightclub, sin & decadence 4:57 (Wicked)
  10. I Love To 8:04 (Wicked)
  • Produced: Malice In Wonderland
  • Label: ℗ Karisma Records
  • Mixing: Valentine, Wicked & Geir Satre
  • Engineered: Jorn H. Eriksson and Andy Valentine
  • Recorded and mixed: Futurerevisited Studios

Additional Musicians:

  • Female Vocals: Idun Moe, Hanne Tangstad, Karina Bjornes
  • Backing Vocals: Marc Farrano, Bennech Lyngboe
  • Cello: Mattias J. Monsen
  • Violin: Cecilie Kaiser
  • Saxophone: Siri Andersen
The Royal Brigade December 10, 2013
  1. Diamonds
  2. Black Wings
  3. Live For Today
  4. Moonchild
  5. The Royal Brigade
  6. New Year’s Eve
  7. Like The Desert Miss The Rain
  8. Tenebrous Lane
  9. Darkened Soul
  10. Have No Fear
  11. A Tear And A Whisper
  • Produced: Malice In Wonderland
  • Label: @ Crank Music Group
  • Mixing: John Fryer
  • Engineered:
  • Recorded and mixed:

Additional Musicians:

  • Backing Vocals: Marc Farrano


Name Release Date Track list Comments
A Tear & A Whisper September 22, 2008
  1. A Tear and A Whisper (4:18)
Digital Single
City Angel November 25, 2009
  1. City Angel (2:32)
  2. City Angel (acoustic version) (2:45)
  • Label: ℗ Scandal Music Finland Oy
  • Mixing: Tim Palmer
Live for Today/New Year's Eve July 1, 2013
  1. Live for Today (3:38)
  2. New Year's Eve (3:31)
  3. The devil May Care (3:50)
Digital single
  • Label: ℗ 2013 Malice in Wonderland
  • Mixing: John Fryer
Black Wings November 28, 2013
  1. Black Wings
Digital single
  • Label: ℗ 2013 Crank Music Group
  • Mixing: John Fryer

Unofficial works[edit]

Name Release Date Track list Comments
Reduced To A Low Condition (demo) 1998
  1. Because
  2. Angel Carved In Water
  3. Agenda
  4. Something I Can't Touch
  5. Never Again
Vicious Girl (demo) 1999
  1. No Words...
  2. Vicious Girl
  3. Meaning
  4. Cruel (live)
  5. Unreal (live)
  6. 24 Hours* (live)
  7. Angel 2 (live)
Sin & Decadence (EP) 2002
  1. Nightclub, sin & decadence (5:05)
  2. Dancing With You (4:27)
  3. I love to (6:34)
  4. My Heart Belongs to You (5:23)
Produced by: MIW

Live covers[edit]

Studio covers[edit]

Chris Wicked's collaborations[edit]

  • The Pleasures – Boy Next Door (Greatest Hits 2006) Backing Vocals
  • Pyro All Stars – Talk Dirty to Me (Poison) (Live at Club Hulen, Bergen, 22/09/2006) [Radio Show Pyro (NRK P3)] Lead Singer
  • Mama Trash All Stars Band – Lil' Devil (The Cult) (2012/Oct/06, Gloria, Helsinki, Trash Fest) Lead Singer & Tracy on lead guitars
  • Faith Circus – Strutter (Kiss) (2012/Nov/10) Lead Vocals
  • Mama Trash All Stars Band – Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode) (2013/Oct/05, Gloria, Helsinki, Trash Fest) Lead Singer
  • Mama Trash All Stars Band – White Wedding (Billy Idol) (2013/Oct/05, Gloria, Helsinki, Trash Fest)
  • Latexxx Teens – Warriors – (2013/Oct/05, Gloria, Helsinki, Trash Fest) Guest vocals feat. Chris Harms


Current members[edit]

Name Instrument Period Other Bands
Chris Wicked (Chris Wollertsen) Vocals 1997 – Cult Of Catharsis
Tracy Loveless (Tore Grindheim) Guitars 2004 – The Entity
Sid Silva (Egil Salvesen) Bass 2010 – Mollygogo
Ed Kelly (Eskil Sæter) Drums 2011 – Lucky Lew

Former members[edit]

Name Instrument Period Other Bands
Tommi Gun (Tor Helge Gjengedal) Drums 1999–2010 Vulture Industries
Andy Valentine (Anders Vaage) Guitar, Bass & Synthesizer 2003–2008 The Entity, John Martyr & The Messengers
Eric Black (Eirik Bratland) Bass 1997–2006
Rob Cruel (Ruben Gentekos) Synthesizer 2003–2005 Apostasy, Opus Forgotten, Chaos Predicted
Rikki Foxx (Rune Pedersen) Guitar 1997–2004
Paul Prozac (Pål Ferstad) Vocals & Guitar 1997–2001 Repomen, Team Blitzkrieg

Session members[edit]

Name Instrument Period Other bands
Stian Johannesen Drums 1998 (RLC demo) 2dn Awakening, Deathcon, Chaos Predicted
Håkon Bergstad Drums 1998 (RLC demo) 66 Crusher
Einar Selvik (Kvitrafn) Drums 1999 (VG demo) Wardruna, Gorgoroth, Det Hedenske Folk, Bak De Syv Fjell
Radomir Michael Nemec (Lava Radek) Guitar 2002 (live member) Aeternus, Taake, Amok, Dead To This World
Øyvind Madsen Synthesizer 2002 (1 gig only), 2005 (live member) Sulphur, 2nd Awakening, DRG, Enslaved, Black Hole Generator, Vulture Industries
Janto Garmannslund Bass 2008–2009 (live member) Bourbon Flame, Hades Almighty


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