Malik Ata Muhammad Khan

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Malik Ata Muhammad Khan
ملک عطا محمد خان
Malik Ata Muhammad Khan.jpg
Vice-President, Member of Executive Committee of International Tent Pegging Federation/ President of the Equestrian & Tent pegging Federation of Pakistan.
Chief of Kot Fateh Khan
Personal details
Born Malik Ata Muhammad Khan
(1941-10-25) 25 October 1941 (age 75)
British India
Citizenship Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Residence Kot Fateh Khan District Attock
Occupation Landlord
Tent pegger

Malik Ata Muhammad Khan (Urdu, Punjabi: ملک عطا محمد خان, born 25 October 1941), popularly known as Prince Malik Ata is a prominent feudal lord of Kot Fateh Khan in Attock District of North Western Punjab, Pakistan. He is the current Chief of Kot Fateh Khan.

Malik Ata is known for his equestrian hobbies. He is the first elected President of the Equestrian & Tent Pegging Federation of Pakistan. He is well known in Pakistan for his attempts to promote tentpegging and bulls races. He is one of the founders of the International Tent Pegging Federation which is recognised by the FEI.[1] He is the Vice-President of International Tent Pegging Federation.[2]

Political career[edit]

In 1988, he contested election on the Islami Jamhoori Ittihad (IJI) platform[3] Thereafter in 1990, Malik Ata Muhammad Khan again contested the election from his home constituency (PP-15 – Attock) and was elected and served the provincial assembly of the Punjab from 5 November 1990 to 28 June 1993.[4] After his father's death in 1996, he assumed the responsibilities of the family and management of the estate, hence why he was unable to continue his work in politics.[3]

Participation in International Events[edit]

Malik Ata's style of tent pegging,(step by step)

Malik Ata has taken part in tent pegging and other equestrian championships in Europe, South Africa, Australia, the United States and India.

  • In 1982, Ata participated in the Ninth Asian Games held in Delhi, winning the silver medal for Pakistan.[5]
  • Ata with Pakistan team took part in 1982 Hyde Park games in London.[6]
  • Ata led Pakistan tent pegging team at the annual Royal Adelaide Show 2010 held in Adelaide, South Australia.[7]
  • Ata led the Pakistan team in the Penta Grand World Equestrian Tent Pegging Championship in 2010, 2012 and 2013.[citation needed]
Malik Ata with Pakistan team at world equestrian games France 2014
  • Ata was invited by the FEI to give a demonstration of tent pegging at the 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games held in Normandy, France. On the opening day he was honoured to lead all the countries of the world with the Pakistani flag held.[citation needed]
  • An international tent pegging competition was held in February 2013 at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. This was the first time more than two international teams visited Pakistan to participate in an international event,[8] with the competitors being England, Pakistan, South Africa and a United Nations team.[9] The teams were invited by Malik Ata who was the chief organiser.[10][11]

International Tent Pegging Federation[edit]

In his preliminary address at the 2013 World Equestrian Tent Pegging Championship held in Gurgaon, India, Ata expressed the desire for a world organisation to address the FEI. The participants created the World Tent Pegging Federation, of which Ata was elected honorary president.[1][12] At the second World Tent Pegging Federation Meeting held in Oman on 27 October 2013, Ata was elected a member of the Executive Committee to serve for four years.[13]

Media appearances[edit]

He was mentioned in BBC series Michael Palin's Himalaya production.[14] Michael Palin during his trip to South Asia visited Malik Ata's home town.[14] He witnessed some traditional activities and bulls race event there.[15]

He was the subject of a short documentary produced by the BBC entitled "One Man and his Horse" in 1983.[16]

Malik Ata was also subject of a documentary "Malik Ata and his love for the traditional sports". It was presented by Trans World Sport Channel with the co operation of BBC. Producer Sophia Swire along with her team visited traditional bulls at Kot Fateh Khan.[17]

He also appeared in PTV's 1998 drama Alpha Bravo Charlie produced by ISPR and directed by Pakistani drama and film director Shoaib Mansoor. [18]


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