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Manami Matsumae
松前 真奈美
Birth nameManami Gotoh
Also known asChanchacorin
Born (1964-12-25) December 25, 1964 (age 56)
Tokyo, Japan
GenresVideo game music
Occupation(s)Composer, arranger
Years active1987–present
LabelsBrave Wave Productions[1]

Manami Matsumae (松前 真奈美, Matsumae Manami) is a Japanese video game music composer. She previously worked for Capcom in the 1980s, writing music for games such as Dynasty Wars, Mercs, Magic Sword, and the original Mega Man.


She previously worked for Capcom, where she worked on titles such as SonSon II, Dynasty Wars, U.N. Squadron, Mercs, Magic Sword, and Carrier Air Wing. She is best known, however, for composing the music for the original Mega Man, including its iconic "Game Start" jingle. Matsumae was known during her days at Capcom by her maiden name, Manami Gotoh (後藤 真奈美, Gotoh Manami), but was usually credited by her alias, Chanchacorin.[2]

Following her departure from Capcom in 1991, she became a freelance composer. The soundtracks she worked on afterwards include the Derby Stallion series, Game Boy titles developed by Sunsoft, and other games such as The Adventures of Lolo, Another Bible, Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions, Jade Cocoon 2, and Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors. She also married fellow musician, Kimitaka Matsumae (originally part of Sega's S.S.T. Band), with whom she worked with on Othello World and Jade Cocoon 2.[citation needed]

Matsumae returned to the Mega Man series via Inti Creates, serving as a guest arranger for some of its album releases, and joining several other former Mega Man composers in creating the Robot Master themes for Mega Man 10. In 2014, she joined the Tokyo based label Brave Wave.[3] The label aims to help connect composers with overseas companies, which is how she contributed music to the game Shovel Knight.[3] At the label, she has also contributed to the soundtracks of indie games such as Mighty No. 9.[4]

In July 2015, it was announced that Matsumae would be working on her first original solo album, in addition to a tribute album featuring arrangements by her.[5][6] The album, titled Three Movements, was released in December 2017.[7]


Year Title Notes
1987 Ide Yosuke Meijin no Jissen Mahjong[8] with Harumi Fujita
Mega Man
1988 F1 Dream
Mega Man 2 with Takashi Tateishi
1943 Kai: Midway Kaisen with several others
1989 Final Fight
SonSon II
Dynasty Wars
U.N. Squadron
1990 Mercs
Magic Sword: Heroic Fantasy
Carrier Air Wing
1991 Capcom no Quiz: Tonosama no Yabou
Derby Stallion: Best Race
1992 Batman: Return of the Joker
Sanrio Cup: Pon Pon Volley
Derby Stallion Zengokuban
Trip World
Best Play Pro Yakyuu Special
Looney Tunes
Honō no Dōkyūji: Dodge Danpei with Hiroshi Tsukamoto
Othello World with Kimitaka Matsumae
Esper Dream 2 with Shigemasa Matsuo
1993 Honō no Dōkyūji: Dodge Danpei 2 with Hiroshi Tsukamoto
Vegas Stakes with Kimitaka Matsumae
1994 Adventures of Lolo
Derby Stallion II
Tenchi o Kurau
Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions
1995 Another Bible
Derby Stallion III
1996 Derby Stallion '96
G.O.D: Mezameyo to Yobu Koe ga Kikoe with Kimitaka Matsumae and Yuuichi Matsuzaki
Derby Stallion
1998 Pilot Kids
Derby Stallion '98
1999 Derby Stallion '99
Fun! Fun! Pingu
2001 Jade Cocoon 2 with Kimitaka Matsumae
2002 Best Play Pro Yakyuu
Derby Stallion Advance
2006 Derby Stallion P
2007 Dragon Quest Swords
2010 Mega Man 10 with several others
2014 Shovel Knight with Jake Kaufman
2015 Target Acquired[10]
2016 Flat Kingdom[11]
Mighty No. 9[12] with several others
2017 Starr Mazer[13]
2020 Derby Stallion[14]
TBA Heart Forth, Alicia with Jonathan Geer and Alonso Martin[15]
Time x Drifter with CobaltBW and Philip Walker[16]

Solo discography[edit]

  • Three Movements (2017)


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