Mandala Airlines Flight 660

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Mandala Airlines Flight 660
Vickers 756D Viscount, Trans Australia Airlines - TAA AN0481426.jpg
A similar type of aircraft involved. The aircraft involved in the accident could be seen behind the plane in the foreground while still in operation with Trans Australia Airlines
Date24 July 1992
SummaryMicroburst-induced wind shear, pilot error
SiteMt. Lalaboy, Indonesia
Aircraft typeVickers Viscount 816
Aircraft nameNias
OperatorMandala Airlines
Flight originSultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar, Indonesia
DestinationPattimura Airport, Ambon, Indonesia

Mandala Airlines Flight 660 was a scheduled passenger flight on 24 July 1992 which crashed in Indonesia into a mountain on Ambon Island as it attempted to land at Pattimura Airport in a heavy thunderstorm. Pilot error and windshear were blamed for the crash.[1]


The aircraft was a Vickers Viscount 816 serial number 434, which first flew on 8 June 1959.[2] It was delivered on 17 June 1959 to Trans Australia Airlines and named McDouall Stuart after an Australian explorer.[2] By 1974 it had been bought by Mandala Airlines with the registration PK-RVU and name Nias.[2]


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