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Manhattan Station - September 2016.jpg
Manhattan station in September 2016.
Location 15601 West Sweedler
Manhattan, Illinois
Coordinates 41°25′07″N 87°59′20″W / 41.4186°N 87.9890°W / 41.4186; -87.9890Coordinates: 41°25′07″N 87°59′20″W / 41.4186°N 87.9890°W / 41.4186; -87.9890
Owned by Metra
Platforms 1 side platform
Tracks 1
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Fare zone I
Opened January 30, 2006
Passengers (2014) 29 (avg. weekday)[1]
Rank 229 out of 236[1]
Preceding station   Metra   Following station
Terminus SouthWest Service

Manhattan is a commuter railroad station on Metra's SouthWest Service located in the town of Manhattan, Illinois. The station is the southern terminus of the line. The Manhattan station opened on January 30, 2006,[citation needed] as part of a southern extension of the SouthWest Service. In Metra's zone-based fare system, Manhattan is in zone I and is located 40.3 miles (64.9 km) from Chicago's Union Station, the northern terminus of the line.[2] It is the southernmost station of the entire Metra system.

Metra operates six Saturday trains to the station; They consist of two morning, and one afternoon inbound trains towards Union Station from Manhattan, and two afternoon, and one late evening outbound trains towards Manhattan. Metra also operates four weekday trains to Manhattan. There are two inbound trains to Union Station in the morning and two outbound trains in the evening. All other weekday SouthWest Service trains terminate at either Orland Park 179th Street, the former terminus of the line, or Orland Park 153rd Street. Manhattan station consists of a station house and one platform serving a single track; the SouthWest Service operates on only one track from Orland Park 143rd Street southward.

Station layout[edit]

The Manhattan station consists of a single track and a single platform. The platform has an enclosed shelter that is open 24/7 but has no staffed ticket window. The single track is long enough to accommodate out-of-service trains, but due to the station's low train volume, most trains simply arrive and depart. One freight train, the Norfolk Southern Manhattan Local, runs on the track that splits off from the Manhattan station to the Manhattan Oil Refinery.


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