Manitoba Party (2016)

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Not to be confused with Manitoba Party (1998).
Manitoba Party
Active provincial party
Leader Gary Marshall
Founded 2016 (2016)
Ideology Classical liberalism, Ordoliberalism, Libertarianism, Manitoba Nationalism
Political position Right-wing
Colours Ochre and Forest Green
Seats in the House of Commons
0 / 338
Seats in Legislature
0 / 57

The Manitoba Party is a provincial political party in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was registered by Elections Manitoba on March 24, 2016.[1] Its leader is Gary Marshall.[2]

It does not appear that it is affiliated with the previous Manitoba Party, which nominated candidates in the 1999 provincial election.


In an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in January 2016, Gary Marshall stated the new party is "...a party of tax cuts",[3] and its platform includes pledges of lowering the provincial sales tax rate to 5% from 8%, removal of PST charges on all food purchases, and changing the personal and business income tax rates to a flat 10%, among other proposals.[4]

The party also proposes to remove all red light and speed cameras from intersections and mobile units, eradicate government regulations "...that impede trade and commerce", and changing how tax revenues are allocated among education, municipalities, and so on.

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